Why Amazon Sellers Should Take IP Management Seriously

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With featured guest Preston Frischknecht of Brand Registry Trademark


Preston Frischknentcht is a Registered Patent Attorney and Intellectual Property Attorney and the founder of Brand Registry Trademark. They help ecommerce sellers deal with intellectual property challenges with different legal tools, like patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Their goal is to be able to help businesses increase their bottom line.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • How intellectual property can help you as an ecommerce seller
  • What you should know to stay protected online
  • What patents protect
  • What trademarks protect
  • What copyrights protect
  • Types of intellectual properties available
  • How to determine what kind of intellectual property you need for your brand and products
  • How Brand Registry Trademark approaches brand protection
  • Reasons for getting intellectual property for your brand
  • Amazon enhanced brand content and other benefits of Amazon Brand Registry
  • Amazon Brand Registry requirements
  • Long-term approach
  • Brand protection challenges and main issues
  • Trademarks
  • What things can be trademarked and how
  • What is the right hierarchy to build an overall brand structure
  • Guidelines sellers should consider when creating the brand to trademark
  • What makes a brand distinctive?
  • How to make your brand protectable
  • Avoiding infringements
  • Worst case scenarios for companies and intellectual properties
  • When you should start registering a trademark?
  • Options ecommerce sellers for the trademark process
  • Risks of going through the process yourself
  • What is a clearance search?
  • Steps to go through the trademark process What you should know and where it can go wrong
  • Reasons to get rejected
  • How Brand Registry Trademarks can evaluate your business holistically and asses you on intellectual property and legal tools

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