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How to Prepare to Sell on Amazon FBA in Australia

A couple of months ago, word hit the Web that Amazon FBA in Australia was launching soon. Amazon will not be up and running until 2018 in all likelihood, but has already scooped up a sizable warehouse in the Eastern Creek section of Sydney. Amazon Australia is also going to offer a type of Prime membership, which will make the option to shop on the global marketplace more attractive to shoppers. Prime members tend to spend more than double what regular Amazon shoppers do because of the free 2-day shipping and other benefits offered.

Naysayers are tearing their shirts and groaning out dark predictions about the effects of the entrance of Amazon FBA in Australia. It will certainly change the way Aussies shop, but the marketplace will also open a wide commerce gateway to the world for both sellers and shoppers. Australian brands will have the opportunity to efficiently market to the world, and shoppers will enjoy access to millions of products that they would not normally be able to buy.

Know Your Amazon FBA in Australia

By mid-May this year, Amazon FBA in Australia already had a notice page up on their domain inviting people to sign up. Businesses can provide some information on the page’s contact from to receive details about joining Amazon. With applications open, the time to get started is now, before brands flood to the site to grab a slice.

Before you jump on the bandwagon, however, do a little research to find out if Amazon FBA in Australia is right for you, and how good it will really be for your business. If you are as yet unfamiliar with the Amazon platform and how the marketplace operates in general, you should learn at least the basic ins and outs before you dive in too deep.

Get a Seller Central Account Now

The bottom line is that Amazon FBA in Australia is a sure thing. Small Australian businesses retailers have to make a choice, and fast. Amazon’s track record in North America and its aggressive expansion into South America, Europe and Asia has told us that there’s no stopping this eCommerce beast. Those who resist the advent of this global online giant will tend to suffer while those who embrace the change will likely flourish. If you are an Australian retailer, the obvious best option is to signify your interest to join as soon as possible.

Even if you are not yet sure whether or not you want to open an Amazon store, you should sign up for a Seller Central account. You can’t get an Australian account yet, but you can sign up for a US account to get a feel for things. Visit the US page for more information on becoming an Amazon Seller.

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When you join, there is an evaluation process that can teach you a lot about how Amazon does business, and you are under no obligation to immediately put products up for sale. You will also have an advantage over the competition if you do decide to start selling while others are just getting ready to join the Amazon family.

As soon as Amazon FBA in Australia opens for business, you will be ready with all you need to know about its catalog options, fulfillment centers and services, customer service, and all the other bells and whistles of the complete Amazon solution.

Take Advantage of Training

Amazon provides workshops for sellers where they can learn a lot about how and why to sell on Amazon. Retail Global has provided workshops for US sellers for some time now, headed by Amazon’s Onboarding Executives. They have also opened from basic workshops to Masterclasses for their Australian audience. Their offerings include power seller and brand techniques to help you prepare to rock in in eCommerce before you even upload your first product photo.

By taking advantage of these training opportunities, you can learn from Amazon itself all about how Amazon works, how to get your business on Amazon, and how you can excel on the marketplace once it opens. Retail Global Gold Coast this year will focus on Amazon, so it is a great chance to get ahead of the game.

Study Your Customer

While the Aussies have not yet been spoiled by Amazon, it won’t be long if history proves anything. Because of the retail giant’s focus on customer satisfaction, online shoppers have consistently rated Amazon as a most trusted US company. Understanding this standard and preparing your business to live up to it will go a long way to ensuring your success on the marketplace.

If you are not going the FBA route, you should start planning to build an excellent team and system. You will need to handle customer complaints and returns in addition to supply inspections, warehousing and inventory management to ensure that your customers always have a great experience ordering from you.

Get Ready to Rumble

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting ready to sell via Amazon FBA in Australia. There will be a lot of steps to take and a lot to learn along the way. However, starting with these basics will help you make your decision and give you a leg up on the competition.


Julia ValdezHow to Prepare to Sell on Amazon FBA in Australia
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