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RepricerExpress Review, Pricing, and Recommendations [2020]

There are a variety of ways to compete on the Amazon marketplace and your product pricing determines how your products will do against the competition. At the end of the day, the customer is looking for a great deal; so, pricing is at the front of their minds. That’s why we are going to review RepricerExpress and show you exactly how you can use the tool to maximize sales and profit.

We fully believe that automation is key to success on the Amazon platform. This tool will allow you to automate the pricing aspects of your product and provide valuable competitor information that can help you navigate your way to the top of page one.

This product can be helpful for resellers, retail arbitrage, dropshippers or private label users,  and RepricerExpress claims that over 4200 sellers across Amazon use their product. We’re going to take a look at what the product does, how it works, the different features, product pricing, and finally, our review of the product.

What is RepricerExpress and What Does It Do?

RepricerExpress is what is known as “an automated repricing tool”. The goal of the tool is to help you win the Buy Box and make more profit from your sales. It does this by constantly adjusting your pricing at different times of the day to help you maximize the amount of money that you can make from a sale.

This tool can take a variety of different factors that you can set to automate the pricing of your products. It also provides you with in-depth analytics on how your product price points are doing in comparison to your competition and how it is leading to a higher chance of winning the Buy Box or more sales.

One of the largest benefits that RepricerExpress provides is the time saving. Updating your pricing during the day would take a significant amount of time; however, this is done automatically for you to help you achieve your goals.

How Does RepricerExpress Work?

The product connects to your Amazon MWS API to pull your product information and also to update the pricing information for each listing. It also appears to crawl the front end of Amazon to get your competitor pricing and other information.

You are able to set specific repricing strategies and logic-based rules that your account will use to change your pricing on the platform. For example, some of the rules you can use to beat all your competitors by a certain amount, beat products that are fulfilled by FBA, ignore products that are sold by Amazon, or even create a sleep mode to prevent price updates. This is just a small sample of the rules available, but you really have a lot of flexibility to get the results that you are looking for.

After the rules are set, your product will continue to reprice itself going forward until you either change the rules, stop the pricing updates, or beat the competition into submission.

RepricerExpress Features

The RepricerExpress website boasts a lot of features; however, they fall into a few specific categories. We’re going to break them down by category and go into more detail on exactly what the features do.


RepricerExpress provides a variety of different views on your pricing analytics. It allows you to view quickly how many of your products are within the Buy Box or in the top 20 of listings, at the minimum or maximum prices set, or at the lowest price among others.

It also provides you information on how many price changes have occurred over the past 24 hours for 7 days, and the price changes and status of your pricing and marketplace.

Drill-down Views

While their reporting provides a high-level view of how the product is working, it also allows you to get granular information on specific listings. The tool allows you to filter to specific listings and make edits in bulk if needed. 

It also allows you to view your product price across different marketplaces on Amazon, benchmarking against other sellers on your listings, and view the product pricing change history overtime.

Customized Repricing Rules

The most powerful features that RepricerExpress has are the fully customizable repricing rules that are available. You have the option of using their standard templates, but you can also create your own to achieve exactly what your repricing goals are for Amazon.  

You can set your own minimum and maximum prices, choose to reprice your product against other competitors on the listing, or only against the Buy Box winner.  

RepricerExpress also allows you to:

  • Separate pricing rules for fulfillment types, meaning different rules for Amazon FBA and FBM’s competitors on a listing
  • Set rules for who should actually be considered a competitor when calculating repricing changes or to stop repricing during lower traffic hours to lock in a price when customers are less likely to buy
  • Use a variety of different filters such as item condition, seller rating, seller feedback, where it ships from and how long it takes to get there. (These can be powerful to help you set up rules for who the customer could be most likely to purchase from and only reprice against them.)

Finally, the last group of pricing rules can help you make more money on Amazon. They have a custom rule to help you increase your product price if you’re winning the Buy Box, allowing you to slowly make more profit from each sale when your competition is out of inventory or priced higher. 

RepricerExpress Pricing

RepricerExpress offers two options for paying for the product. They have both monthly and yearly plans, and the yearly plans offer a 15% discount, which gives you almost 2 months of the product for free.

Pricing for the product is based on the number of listings that you will be replacing for. The basic plan starts at 2,500 listings for 46, while the high-end plan goes up to 50,000 listings for 199.  They also offer enterprise pricing if you have more than 50,000 SKUs. 

The company is based in the United Kingdom, so all their pricing is in British pounds. It also does not include value-added tax which will make the product a little bit more expensive. They do provide a free trial to test the product out and see whether it helps your account or not. The full pricing table is below:

Number of ListingsMonthly PriceAnnual Price

Our Review of RepricerExpress

Now that we understand how the product works and what the features are, let’s talk about what we think of this product and how it can help Amazon sellers. We believe this product is pretty reasonably priced based on the features it has and it could bring a lot of value to sellers on the platform.

What We Like

The best feature of RepricerExpress is the fully customizable repricing rules that gives you access to. Amazon provides some basic repricing functions, but compared to what is available within RepricerExpress, they provide nearly no value to Amazon sellers. The logic-based rules can help you achieve whatever your goal is when it comes to repricing and ultimately help you either sell more products or make more money per sale.

Apart from the repricing rules themselves, we also like the pricing of the product. The price it costs for the number of skus that you can cover is pretty reasonable as a majority of private label sellers will have well less than 2500 skus on Amazon. Getting the product set up an integrated into your Amazon account is also a pretty simple process. 

  • Easy-setup. It is not difficult to get the product integrated and start using their basic template rules.
  • Pricing. Reasonable pricing for the number of skus that it covers.
  • Customizability. It gives you full control to customize your repricing rules based on what your goals are.

What We Don’t Like

Overall there’s not much that we don’t like about the RepricerExpress tool. It has the ability to help sellers that have a specific repricing goal achieve their goals and help new sellers get some basic repricing automation going.

Our main concern about repricing in general is that it’s difficult to understand your actual profit on Amazon. This causes a lot of sellers to fall into a trap where they think they are making money, but actually losing profit with all the fees they are paying. Repricing can exacerbate this issue if they are not smart with where they are pricing their products to begin with, and understanding exactly what all the charges are going to be.

MikeRepricerExpress Review, Pricing, and Recommendations [2020]
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