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E-commerce brands need to sell on multiple channels to be able to compete. But managing each separate channel without the help of a software can make it a challenge for e-commerce sellers. This can lead to inconsistencies between listing content, incorrect inventory levels, and overall just a poor customer experience. That’s why having a multi-channel management tool like Sellbrite can help you manage multiple sales platforms at once.

The tool can help you handle everything from creating and managing your product listings, keeping your inventory levels in real time, fulfilling all of your product orders in a single location and providing analytics to measure the performance of it all. We are going to take a look at what Sellbrite is, how the product works, what their customers are saying, and how much the product cost some of its competitors.

What Does Sellbrite Do?

Sellbrite provides three main services to their customers:

  1. List and manage their inventory, 
  2. Sync inventory levels across different platforms, and 
  3. Fulfill all their orders from a single location without having to go into each individual sales channel

You can use Sellbrite to conveniently manage your listing content for all of your channels in one location and then use that information to both publish the listings to multiple channels at once.  Listing products on some channels like Amazon can be challenging as you normally need to complete confusing Excel files to get all the information into the platform or to update it. With a tool like Sellbrite, or another multi-channel tool, you can easily just enter information into a nicer interface versus completing all of the required fields by hand.

Sellebrite also helps you keep your inventory levels accurate. This means that you’ll never have to cancel an order on a customer for being out of stock on a specific SKU. It can also make it simpler to manage your inventory at different fulfillment centers like Amazon FBA or a 3PL service such as Deliverr. 

Being able to coordinate your fulfillment centers means that the software can automatically schedule orders from whichever warehouse you want to send it to the end consumer. This could actually help you improve shipping times and provide a better customer experience in general.

How Does Sellbrite Work?

The Sellbrite tool works by integrating directly through the APIs of multiple platforms. Your initial setup of the product will require integrating the application with the platforms you are currently selling on or with the platforms that you are hoping to sell on. Some of the platforms that Sellbrite integrates with are for example Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Google Shopping, Walmart,  Shopify, and Jet, among others.

Once you have connected all the marketplaces to Sellbrite, you will need to load your product catalog into the platform. You can do this in multiple ways. You can choose to upload your full catalog by a CSV file following their template, or you can import your listing information from an existing sales channel.

If you are already selling on multiple channels you will probably need to link listings across the different platforms together. Using different information on each channel can make this more challenging. If you have consistent product identifiers across all of your platforms, then it should make the process more smooth.

After everything is linked, you will be able to sync your inventory between the platforms. This is done automatically for you and in real time so that your inventory is always accurate. You can also set specific inventory rules to preserve inventory if you have a brick-and-mortar location, for example, and need to fulfill customer orders for walk-ins.

Sellbrite will then let you list up to a hundred products at a time on new marketplaces. You can publish the existing listings that you have on a sales channel to a new channel, or open up a new channel in general. This makes it easy to scale your sales in new marketplaces to ensure that your brand has consistent information.

What Do Their Customers Say?

Sellbrite has consistently high review ratings from its customers with greater than 90% of customers giving the product a positive review and saying they would recommend it to a friend or colleague. Their customers, overwhelmingly, say that the product is easy to use, has helpful features, and great customer support that is there to answer all their questions when they have an issue.

The general complaint seemed to be that the reporting needs improving and the API functionality is not as great as many customers would like. This requires them to use workarounds or other solutions to help them achieve their goals. Some of the other complaints seem to be that the pricing is a little steep for the way the product works.

Sellbrite’s Pricing

Sellbrite offers a variety of pricing options based on the number of units sold. They also offer high volume packages. Pricing starts at $49 a month for up to 100 orders. It then continues to increase based on the number of orders sold from $150 a month for 500 orders, $249 per month for 2,000 orders, and then $399 per month for up to 10,000 orders. Beyond ten thousand orders, there are high-volume sales plans which can get a little more expensive.

The high-volume plans start at $699 per month for up to 25,000 orders and range up until $2,499 per month for up to 200,000 orders. Brands that already have existing sales channels will probably end up falling within the high-volume sales categories, so they are jumping right into the higher pricing from the start. 

In comparison to some of their competitors, the pricing falls somewhere in the middle. It is not the highest price tool out there; however, it is also not the cheapest. For example, the company SellerCloud charges $1,765 a month for 10,000 total units ordered between Amazon and the other sales channels while EcomDash charges $350 a month for up to 10,000 orders.


Our Review

We have experience using multi-listing products like Sellbrite and some of its competitors for many of our clients. These types of tools certainly help simplify the management of multiple sales channels. However, each product has its own strengths and weaknesses.

What We Like About Sellbrite

Sellbrite is very simple to use and, whenever you run into issues, the customer support was extremely helpful. The product has allowed some of our clients to quickly get their products on multiple platforms and to update their listing content with the high-quality content that we have made for their Amazon specific listings. Managing all your inventory across multiple warehouses is also extremely important and Sellbrite can help any brand do that.

  • Simplicity. API Integrations make the setup easy and hassle-free.
  • Value. Coordinating the inventory and content across multiple channels could be a full-time job for some people and this tool can largely replace that.
  • Support. Customer support was great, useful for solving, and experienced.
  • Pricing. The pricing is reasonable compared to some competitors and for the overall value product is providing.

What We Don’t Like

Our main problems with the product revolve around some of the rigidity of things that cannot be done in the platform. You sometimes need to develop workaround solutions to help you achieve what you are trying to do. Each business is run slightly differently and this is really a cookie cutter tool that does not allow for a lot of flexibility in your business model.

  • Rigidity. Not a lot of flexibility if your business has specific processes or tasks that need to be done.
  • Reporting. We thought the reporting could be improved, additional reports, and even integrations from other sources such as an accounting software.

Who is Sellbrite for?

Sellebrite is great for small and medium-sized e-commerce brands that have their content prepared and are not currently selling on multiple sales channels. If you are planning on taking your products from Amazon to other platforms, this is a great solution to get you listed quickly on different platforms.

Companies that already have significant sales from multiple e-commerce platforms may have some difficulties integrating all of the platforms into this single source. It may also not be ideal or a risk for these brands to change the listing content on certain platforms that are already performing well.

Overall, we give Sellbrite a positive review and believe that it could help many businesses automate more manual processes that they are currently doing. Companies that have custom-built solutions may have difficulties integrating celebrate into their current technology stack.

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