Improve Your Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy with These Quick Tips

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There’s brand strategy, and then there’s content marketing strategy. We sometimes assume they’re one and the same, but that’s far from being the case. What is true is that both strategies enhance each other. Your brand strategy feeds your content strategy. Then, your content strategy can drive your brand strategy. A solid brand and content […]

Amazon Terminology Cheat Sheet for New FBA Sellers

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Amazon terminology can be difficult to learn for new sellers and can still be troublesome for veteran sellers to remember. But since we all need to talk the talk to sell the goods, it helps to have a cheat sheet to refer to every now and then. So many acronyms and terms are used in […]

Creating an Effective Email Follow-up Sequence as an Amazon Seller

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Positive reviews and feedback are a key component to success on Amazon. A great email follow-up sequence makes this process easier and more effective. Every Amazon seller has to work hard to get sales because the marketplace gets more and more competitive all the time. Targeting higher conversions is the main goal, but did you […]

How to Use Facebook Pixel for Amazon Sales

How to Use Facebook Pixel for Amazon Sales

Facebook is a versatile advertising platform, and you can use a Facebook pixel for Amazon retargeting just like you would for any other webpage. This way, you can take advantage of both Facebook’s and Amazon’s wide audiences to target and convert more customers. A Facebook pixel allows you to track what your targets do after […]