The Future of eCommerce in 2021 and Channel Expansion for eCommerce Businesses

with Featured Guest Ori Greenberg of Algopix

Ori Greenberg is the Co-founder and CEO of Algopix He has been in the ecommerce field for 12 years. He started managing an ecommerce agency that helped businesses expand online. Then, he created Algopix, a comprehensive tool to analyze the market. 

A way to find products that are in high demand and that can get you the ROI you’re interested in, Algopix is a community product that offers the best tools they can to make sellers successful. You can get insights on product performance on google, analyze your inventory and the demands of your existing item

 In this interview, we discuss:

  • What are the biggest trends in ecommerce right now 
  • What are the up and coming ecommerce platforms that offer interesting opportunities 
  • Types of metrics sellers should be paying attention to determine which channels to use 
  • Monitoring sales and trends How to know your best selling products 
  • Seasonal changes and consumer sales trends 
  • Why consider selling in other countries 
  • What costs should sellers consider when expanding their business?
  • Best expansion opportunities 
  • Issues with disruptor brands, established brands and household names 
  • What you need to do as a disruptor brand 
  • Cost-effective way to compete with bigger brands 
  • How are bigger brands protecting themselves against disruptor brands?
  • What does that mean for entrepreneurs?
  • Number of acquisitions happening in the marketplace 
  • Creating a strategy to expand to other channels and gain more visibility 
  • Tips for sellers and brands that want to expand to a new channel What is the most effective and fastest way to do it?
  • Beginner mistakes sellers make when expanding 
  • Options for smaller companies to plan an expansion
  • Analyzing your data and using it right
  • Biggest challenges a business faces when they expand to new channels 
  • Logistics and marketing 
  • What works on each channel 
  • What makes a new brand successful 
  • Is it more important expanding to other channels or expanding your product line?
  • Dealing with overstock in your inventory
  • How Algopix helps brands and sellers with expansions