Walmart Pro Seller Badge: A Copycat of Amazon Best Seller Badge?

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Walmart has a new pilot program that will help sellers build their credibility and gain the trust of the consumers on its marketplace: The Walmart Pro Seller Badge. Pretty similar to what the Amazon Best Seller Badge already does for sellers.

Currently, there are about 60,000 merchants in Walmart and only 350 have the Pro Seller Badge, according to Marketplace Pulse. Its exclusivity is an added incentive for other sellers to improve and further optimize their performance and customer experience to make them eligible for the program and earn the Pro Seller Badge.

What is the Walmart Pro Seller Badge?

The Walmart Pro Seller Badge is given to top-performing sellers in the Marketplace as a mark of excellence and a recognition for their good performance. Launched in October 2020, aiming to help sellers build customer’s trust and drive conversion. Here are the benefits that sellers in the marketplace can get out of having the Walmart Pro Seller Badge:

Boost Exposure and Drive Conversions

Offers with the Pro Seller Badge are eye-catching in search results thus, making sellers highly visible in the marketplace. Increased visibility and exposure can mean a lot as it may eventually lead to sales conversions.

Gain Customer Confidence

Having a Pro Seller Badge can do the talking for you. It gives customers an insight into how well you are performing as a seller in terms of providing excellent shopping experiences with on-time delivery and free returns, which may lead to a decision to purchase.

While Amazon rewards top-performing merchants with higher placement in organic search, Walmart does it the other way around. It does not rank Pro Sellers higher in search; rather, shoppers have the option to choose the seller of their choice within their searches.

Walmart Pro Seller Badge | Am I Eligible?

Since this program is still on the pilot stage, only  top-performing sellers on the Walmart Marketplace who meet strict quality criteria are eligible.

How can you get the Pro Seller Badge?

The Pro Seller Badge will appear on the Walmart’s search results each time a customer visits the page. If you’re already selling on Walmart, you will find this badge next to your business name and will appear all throughout the transaction process.

Where Can I find the Walmart Pro Seller Badge?

You can see this badge in different pages such as the item page, sellers page, add to cart confirmation page and in the cart itself. Given the advantages of having this badge for higher visibility on the marketplace, how can a seller like you earn this badge? Let’s explore and learn the criteria for eligibility.

Please take note that Walmart will automatically grant badges to the seller’s entire catalogue, no application is needed.

However, to be qualify for this much coveted badge, you’ll need to meet certain criteria:

·         Less than or equal to 5% Delivery Defects rate within 90 days

·         Less than or equal to 1% Cancellation Defects rate within 90 days (seller-related cancellation reason)

Note: The 90 day on-time delivery and cancellation rates include a 30-day window time for shipping and delivery, cancellations as well as return delays. These calculations are based on Walmart’s overall Order Defect Rate (ODR). To know more about the ODR, you may visit and check this out on The Seller Scorecard.

·         All of the seller’s offers have free online and or in-store returns. No restocking or return shipping fees must be observed.

·         Seller’s trending items of at least 60% must have a listing quality score of 50% and above.

·         All sellers must abide by the guidelines and policies set by Walmart’s Marketplace

The program requirements are subject to change at any given time.

wpsb eligibility criteria
Walmart Seller Help | November 2020

Now that you already know the criteria for obtaining that much coveted badge, the next thing you need to know is monitoring your status which will help you improve as a seller.

Your Badge Status

You can easily check your Walmart Pro Seller Badge status any time in Seller Center. You will find all the details here:

1.       Select Growth Opportunities (you’ll find it under Analytics and Reports)

2.       Navigate and go through Listing Quality Dashboard

3.       View the Pro Seller Badge section

In the Pro Seller Badge section, you’ll find four different statuses:

1.       Not Eligible – you are not qualified to get a badge because you are not meeting the minimum criteria requirement set by Walmart

2.       Eligible – You meet the minimum criteria set and you’ll receive the badge pending internal review. Eligible status indicates that you are in between the refresh cycles which take place every 5th and 20th day of the month.

3.       Badged – You meet all the criteria and are badged on It will also show you the date you received your badge.

Note: If you are able to meet the criteria but still you are not badged, get in touch with your Account Manager to attend and review your status.

4.       Badged with Alert – You received the badge during the last refresh cycle but you are falling below the criteria being set. This may mean you may no longer qualify to get the badge after the next refresh cycle

Improving your Performance

Maintaining good performance is the key in keeping this badge with you. Following the guidelines and strictly implementing these policies will help you get through and will lead you to better sales ahead.

Delivery Defect Rate – Aim to maintain or lower your Delivery Defects rate by choosing tried and tested carriers that will help you deliver customer’s order on or before the Expected Delivery Date as seen in the marketplace orders.

Cancellation Defects Rate – for whatever reason, please refrain from initiating cancellations after the customers placed their orders. By doing so, this will help you maintain and improve your Cancellation Defects rate.

Free Online or In-Store Returns – Make sure that all your items are qualified for free online and in-store returns. Always review your return settings and visit Seller Help Article for Bulk Return Rules so you’ll be guided accordingly. If you have concerns pertaining to the eligibility of your items not qualified for free online and in-store returns, coordinate it with your Account Manager.

Listing Quality Score – To know more about the details on how to improve your listing quality score, you may check and visit Seller Help Article for Seller Center Analytics and Reports – Listing Quality Dashboard

Policy Violations

Please always see to it that guidelines and policies of Walmart are consistently being followed and implemented. Refrain from violating any policies for you not to receive warnings that will affect your eligibility to maintain the badge.

Final Thoughts

To sum this all up, Walmart’s newly launched Pro Sellers Badge is the company’s latest innovation towards building credibility on its marketplace. This also aims to entice both consumers and merchants to patronize the platform and bring excitement and promote a wonderful shopping experience to everyone.

Just like the “verified” users badge seen on some social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, or the Top Rated Seller Status seen on eBay, Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge simply shows the company’s top priority and that is to serve at its best by building trust, professionalism and provides quality service that the marketplace deserves.

Walmart will continuously check, monitor and do some necessary adjustment on the seller badge criteria, wording, approach and designs as needed in order to serve its purpose of giving the best customer experience in the platform as well as help the sellers improve their conversions.

Make a continuous effort to always review your performance metrics and eligibility criteria and make the necessary improvements on your part. Have an open communication with Walmart, should you become qualified to earn the badge, you will soon reap the numerous benefits of the Pro Seller Badge pilot program.

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