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 If you’re an FBA seller who wants to add a product video to your listing, this is great news. The ability to add videos showing products in use would be a definite advantage. Online shoppers eat up videos, and listings that have them are sure to have a better chance of converting.

We believe that sellers showed dedicate time to creating engaging product videos. Capturing a shoppers attention quickly in video format can lead to increased sales. We will look at the benefits of adding video, the types of videos you should create and how to add Amazon product videos to your listings today.


Adding Video to Amazon


In the last quarter of 2017, Amazon invited certain sellers to beta test the product video feature. They gathered a lot of feedback about issues encountered by the testers and have worked on improving the tool’s usability. As always, Amazon wants to provide customers with the best experience possible. Having sellers test uploads before making it more widely available was a logical move.

The feature has since been rolled out to more brand registered sellers. There has been no official announcement, as is expected with Amazon. The feature is simply made available in Seller Central under the Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) menu. Sellers will have to check their EBC options to know if they’ve been selected to test it out. These party Amazon Sellers can now add a product video to a page, much like Vendor Central merchants with A+ content services.

Customers also have the ability to add product videos into their reviews. These videos are uploaded from the front-end of Amazon rather than the EBC pages. They can be found under the product and related videos section. Creating customer email sequences that ask for video reviews as well can be an interesting way to add additional social proof to your Amazon product listings.

Why You Should Add Video to Amazon Listings

increase conversions

Amazon encourages sellers to utilize all of the promotional features on the platform. Videos are no different. Adding Amazon product videos can help increase listing conversions and reduce negative product reviews and feedback. Creating videos that clearly highlight product features, show all side of the product and exactly how to use can help customers make the decision if this it the right product for them.

Video can help you capture shoppers’ attention and explain your products benefits quickly. Detailing features such as itemdurability could be easily shown through video versus images or words. Video can also make a lasting impact on a customer, can be used on multiple platforms and even used for social media marketing.

The data also supports that videos help consumers during the purchasing process. 96% of polled consumers reported that product videos were helpful in making buying decisions. Also, 4 out of 5 online shoppers stated that video has helped them make a purchase decision in the past. Furthermore, 1 in 4 eCommerce buyers stated that they will search for products on YouTube before purchasing. There is a significant body of data that shows video can help you get more sales on Amazon.


Creating Product Videos for Amazon


There are two types of videos we recommend creating on Amazon. You should either be creating a lifestyle or product video. The type of video you want to create requires understanding the customers’ needs, wants and purchasing journey. Identifying the main problems the product solves as well as addressing objections or obstacles can create a great product video that will boost conversion rates.

Video marketing has typically been restricted to off Amazon marketing efforts. But now video is just as important as product photos and listing content. We are going to take a deeper look at what each video type can do for your product listings.


Lifestyle Product Videos for Amazon

A lifestyle video gives you the opportunity to speak to a customer about how the product can change their life. Lifestyle videos work well for portraying desirable connotations in product categories. For example, a fitness product may show how using a certain supplement or piece of equipment can lead to a direct health benefit.

These types of videos allow customers to think about more than just product features and benefits. They are designed to make a shopper picture an ideal circumstance that this product will give them. You can use Amazon product videos to portray a certain lifestyle that your target customer segment is interested in.

Product Feature Videos for Amazon


The other type of video we recommend to our clients is a  features video. Unlike lifestyle videos, these Amazon product videos are much simpler and direct to the point. Creating this type of video is not about capturing a customers’ imagination of the ideal. These product videos are meant to explain benefits and features clearly to help consumers make informed decisions.

It is easy and affordable to create a product feature video. Many times, you can incorporate existing photo content you have and layer over text and animation to create what you are looking for. These videos are lightweight and entirely focus on providing information to your customer. The clearer and more straightforward your videos are the better.


Preparing Your Product Video


If the product video feature is available under your account, then we are happy for you! If you haven’t got it yet, we encourage you to start preparing.

create video

The first you want to do is review the Amazon guidelines for  video uploads. Check your existing videos against these rules and get them edited if needed. If you don’t have any product video clips yet, then you can start fresh with these guidelines in mind:


Video Gudelines


  1. Make sure that you own the rights to your product video.
  2. The  video must be of high quality:
    • an aspect ratio of 16:9, or the standard YouTube orientation
    • with an ideal resolution of 1920×1080, or at least 1280×720
    • recorded with the RGB color profile and a DPI of 300, although 72 might be acceptable
    • displaying only a single brand logo for your company
    • in either 3GP, AVI, AAC, MP4, FLV, MOV, or MPEG-2 format. If you’ve done it in Apple ProRes, have them converted before you try to upload them.
  3. Clip an appropriate thumbnail image from your product video, also in the highest possible quality. Save the clip as either a JPEG or a PNG.
  4. A video must not contain any reference to:
    • your company as a seller or distributor
    • contact information
    • competitor’s products
    • your status as an authorized seller or that the product is sold solely by authorized resellers
    • product pricing
    • descriptive promotional product information (e.g. affordable, on sale, top selling, hot item)
    • time-sensitive product information (e.g. on sale now, best new product of the year)
    • products being used for criminal activity
    • shipping cost or timeline information
    • customer review information
    • editorial or third party quotes
    • warranties or guarantees
    • logos of brands or organizations other than your own
    • any websites within or outside of Amazon, especially links to the sameoffensive or perverse content

Amazon is likely to make changes to the product video guidelines, so be sure to check the EBC help content pages or navigate to the Video Guidelines link found within the new EBC UI. Once you’ve got the rules down, you can get your product video edited or have a nice new product video made.

Adding a Product Video


It’s very easy to add a product video on Amazon. Log in to your Seller central account and navigate to the EBC tool and start uploading!

  1. Enter the SKU for the item that your product video is for.
  2. Click “get started” and click the button to add the product video to that ASIN.
  3. Upload your product video file, image thumbnail, product video title and description.
  4. If the video contains content that is unsuitable for an under 18 audience, then select the adult audience box.

That’s it!

Your product video will take up to 6 hours to process and be available on your product detail page. Once published, it will show up in the main image block under the product image thumbnails on the upper left side of the detail page, and in the related video shorts widget below the product information section.

To remove a product video, simply navigate to it on your EBC dashboard, check the “delete video from detail page” box and submit your changes. The video will be removed within 6 hours.30

So now you’re all set to get started with Amazon product video uploads. It’s never too late to start preparing them for your store, and even if you don’t end up using them on Amazon, it’s never a bad idea to have some nice videos to share on your brand website, through newsletter, on social media, and beyond.


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