What is Amazon Customer Insights and How Can I Use It?

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Last summer, Amazon released the Amazon Customer Insights program. If you haven’t heard about this program yet, you are like many other sellers. Few brands are using it due to poor promotion.

In brief, Amazon Customer Insights was launched so that sellers could have access to data gathered about customers. Amazon likes collecting data, and more information on what people buy is very welcome. Amazon Customer Insights encourages sellers to gather customer purchase data.

What Amazon Customer Insights is All About

Amazon Customer Insights isn’t as sophisticated as it sounds. Basically, you can create one-question surveys to send out to Amazon customers. The answers are a quick way to see what marketing efforts are working and what aren’t.


Each answer costs a minimum of $5, depending on the survey details. The minimum survey size is 50 customers. Even if you choose to invest in surveying 2,500 customers, however, access is limited to 500 responses. Because of the hefty charge and limitations, many sellers are not keen on paying what Amazon is asking for it. The tool can’t be improved without lots of feedback, though, and Amazon needs more interested sellers to develop the tool to its fullest potential.

Using Amazon Customer Insights

As it is, however, you can still get some very useful information from Amazon Customer Insights. It can, after all, give you direct customer feedback on specific areas such as your brand, your product, and the buying experience. By asking the right questions and skillfully crafting the multiple-choice answers, you can learn just what you need to know to make your products best sellers. Customer feedback, after all, is the key to product iteration and product development.

Begin by selecting the ASIN you are asking the question about. If you don’t know what to ask, you can use one of the questions provided in the Amazon Customer Insights tool. You can choose from the categories of Product Awareness, Product Opinion, or Purchase Behavior. These sample questions may even help you come up with your own, more targeted question.

Be prepared for what answer choices you will give to your respondents. Customers should be able to easily select an appropriate response without feeling torn between one answer and another. Provide enough clear choices so that you can gather accurate results.

Once you have a question and answers, you can set your survey to target a specific group:  those who have viewed, viewed but did not purchase, purchased your product, or purchased a similar product. Then select the number of customers you want to participate in your survey.

Fill in your contact information and you’re done. Amazon reviews all submitted questions and approves them with final pricing details if they are judged to be viable. When the campaign reaches its limit, Amazon sends you a report with the response number and percentages.

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    When Amazon Customer Insights is Useful

    Although the cost makes using the tool a tough decision, your investment could be valuable in certain cases. Here are some examples of when Amazon Customer Insights can greatly benefit your business:

    1.  New Products – get valuable information from your first customers on what they think about your new offering.

    2.  New Categories – get insights on what customers want to see in a category that you are just starting to sell in.

    3.  Listing Efficiency – learn how customers react to product pricing, details and other elements.

    4.  Product Bundles – learn what products customers would buy alongside other items in your inventory.

    5.  Marketing Strategies – get insights into what drives people to or away from your store. This includes why your competition is preferred.

    6.  Seasonal Needs – get to know what products customers want available to them at different points in the year and during sale periods.

    7.  Customer Satisfaction – learn how to improve your brand, product, and service satisfaction ratings.

    Ready to Give it a Whirl?

    Head on over to the Amazon Customer Insights tool in Seller Central to browse more information.When you’re ready to check out the set questions or create your own, Click Projects in the upper right next to Overview, click the Get started button, or go directly to the intake page. You will straight away be able to select your product and look through the preset options.

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