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What are Amazon Seller Central Coupons and How Can I Use Them?

How to use Amazon Seller Central Coupons

Seller Central Coupons became available to Amazon Sellers in mid-November 2017. Amazon vendors have been able to use them for much longer, so you may have already heard about them. You, as a seller, are going to want to know all about how they work and how to use them. They can do a lot to boost your sales.

Shoppers, whether offline or online, love a deal. Coupons have been huge for decades, providing shoppers with an easy way to grab deals on their own schedules. Coupon-clipping has proved to be as big in the Ecommerce world as it is for your traditional grocery shoppers. If anything, it’s bigger. Even brick and mortar patrons prefer digital coupons to paper ones. What’s even more exciting is that about 80% of shoppers will choose to try out a new brand or store if they had a coupon for one of its products.

Seller Central Coupons

So we all know that Seller Central already has a pretty decent Promotions tool. Sellers can already offer Giveaways to award customers with free items, free shipping, buy one get one, and percentage discounts with a set expiration date, and social media discount codes with direct promotional links.

Why roll out such a simple things as Seller Central Coupons?

It seems like much ado about nothing.

Well, the standard Promotions are not widely visible, for one thing. Seller Central Coupons, on the other hand, are visible to shoppers on Amazon search results, on product detail pages, on the Gold Box deals page, and even have their own dedicated landing page. In addition, Sellers don’t have to be brand registered to use them.

Additionally, qualified customers will see them right next to the item’s price as bright orange badges like Amazon Vendors have for their coupons. This added visibility will make shoppers more likely to find and use them. Eligible customers can then simply clip them from the page and the discount is automatically applied to their purchase. These digital Seller Central Coupons can’t be clipped and saved for a later date, but they will remain visible to shoppers right on the store until they are no longer valid.

One setback to Seller Central Coupons is that Sellers will be charged $0.60 every time a coupon is redeemed. What can makes this worthwhile is that Amazon Sellers can set budgets for the coupons that take into account the computed total of its dollar value plus the fees. Sellers can also choose to offer coupons that either take a percentage off a customer’s purchase, or a dollar value that is between 5% and 80% of the item’s last 30 days’ lowest price.

Seller Central Coupons can also be targeted to specific customers. Extending the eligibility of the Seller Central Coupons in this way allows Sellers to make the deals more appealing by offering discounts deals to only customers who are: Prime, Student or Mom members, and those who have viewed or purchased certain ASINs. Additionally, up to 50 different products can be linked to a single coupon at the same time.

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Where to Find Them and How to Use Them

You have to be logged in to your account to see the Seller Central Coupons, and not just logged in through shared Seller Central settings. Once logged in, the Coupons page will be visible under the Advertising tab.

Creating a coupon is relatively simple.

  • First, select the product(s) that you want to offer a coupon on and be sure to select any sub-category or product group that you want to include so that they will all be clearly visible to your customers.
  • Second, choose how big of a discount you want to offer and set your budget limits. A coupon is automatically deactivated by Amazon once the limit has been reached.
  • Third, schedule your coupon to go live after 3 days or on a certain later date, and set its validity from 1 to 90 days.
  • Fourth, leave the coupon available to all Amazon shoppers or choose the segment you want to target.
  • Finally, even though you won’t have to monitor your coupon’s use to know when to take it down, you will want to monitor its performance. This data is provided in real time on the Running option under the Seller Central Coupons page.

Should I Use Them?

Now that these Seller Central coupons are available, we do advise that you take advantage of them. However, you should be aware of the caveats:

  1. Coupons might be a novelty for a while, but they are not exclusive like the Best Seller badge. With everyone able to use them, the coupons could soon lose their charm.
  2. The wide use of coupons can cause price wars that may force Sellers to dip below their margins. The use of coupons must be carefully planned to ensure that competitive balance is preserved.

All in all, however, Seller Central Coupons still offer up several keen advantages that push the balance in favor of using them – with caution:

  1. If you start using Seller Central Coupons before everyone else does, you can take advantage while they are still new and interesting.
  2. Barring heavy competition, coupons are likely to bring you:
    • fresh customers,
    • broader brand awareness, and
    • a boost in clicks and conversions.

It won’t last, but you can get a nice lift if you jump in fast.

  1. Sellers with wide margins and a little extra to give over to fees can benefit from coupons versus competition with little wiggle room.
  2. The targeting feature will allow you to more flexibly manage discounts for high value customers, which is an additional boost for your brand and a previously absent source of traffic.

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Julia ValdezWhat are Amazon Seller Central Coupons and How Can I Use Them?
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