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Your e-commerce business hired an Amazon marketing agency. You listened to all the advice, invested in advertising, and created a high-quality blog. But after some time, the results are less than what you expected. What happened?

Your e-commerce business did all the right things. Is it wrong to point fingers at the marketing firm? If the agency doesn’t use a data-driven approach, then yes, you can blame them for your lacking results. If you suspect this is the problem, you must onboard a proactive Amazon marketing agency.


What to Look for in a Marketing Agency


Proactive marketing companies conduct ongoing analysis, determining customer needs and how your business can take action.

There are many good marketing agencies out there, but they may not be the best fit for you. As an e-commerce company, you’ll need to onboard a marketing firm that offers the services and expertise to dominate Amazon, convert leads and gain sales.

The best Amazon marketing agency can use the features that the e-commerce giant offers to rank stores, such as advertising, and can write copy tailored to consumer needs.

Most importantly, you should choose a marketing agency with the experience to accomplish your goals, using a data-driven approach integral to a proactive marketing strategy.

Here’s how to find a proactive Amazon marketing agency.




Some marketing companies may promote themselves as full-service firms but outsource some strategies to other agencies or freelancers. In addition to their overall experience, the firm should have expertise in every service they offer. 

Your Amazon marketing agency should have a niche specialty in e-commerce marketing or have at least worked with online sellers. Ideally, the marketing firm should include case studies that showcase the results of past campaigns. 

At the very least, they should have a portfolio with their e-commerce work.


Data-Driven Approach


A proactive Amazon marketing agency uses a data-driven approach in its campaigns. They will conduct an analysis of your tactics to see what’s working and what isn’t. They’ll also use customer data, such as demographics and consumer pain points, to target leads more effectively.

Thanks to this data-driven approach, your campaign will be customized to your needs. The marketing agency will use the tactics that your brand needs to increase sales. It will also use strategies tailored to your niche to accomplish your goals and improve your visibility on Amazon.


Benefits of Hiring a Proactive Amazon Marketing Agency


Since proactive marketing agencies conduct regular analysis of your campaign, this strategy comes with more benefits than a reactive marketing firm. 

Here are the different ways that a proactive agency can help your Amazon marketing strategy:

  • Improved ROI. Since proactive marketing uses a data-driven strategy, you’ll generate better results and make more money for your marketing investment.
  • Targeted approach. By tracking analytics and metrics, a proactive marketing agency will know the tactics you need to attract customers and generate leads.
  • Personalized campaign. Your business has needs and goals, especially in the competitive e-commerce industry. A proactive marketing firm will create a customized strategy to solve your challenges.
  • Access to industry-standard tools. Your business will view data and track metrics using top marketing software that you may not have access to without the help of a marketing firm.

To access these benefits, you’ll have to work with the right agency. But how do you find a proactive Amazon marketing firm?


How to Find a Proactive Amazon Marketing Agency


As we said above, you should ensure the marketing company you choose handles all strategies in-house and is an expert at all services they’re promoting.

First off, conduct research. As previously mentioned, you should ensure the marketing company you choose handles all strategies in-house and is an expert at all services they’re promoting.

The next steps are to set a budget and request a free consultation. Also, remember to gauge an agency’s experience and approach to ensure they will use a proactive strategy.


Do Your Research


Research is always the first step when finding any marketing agency. It’s crucial to compare different firms to find a proactive company with e-commerce expertise.

Your chosen Amazon marketing agency will be your partner in achieving your sales goals. That’s why it’s best to compare different candidates, comparing their services, testimonials, and case studies. You’ll also want to gauge your goals and challenges, and find a marketing ally that can offer a potential solution to your needs. 

Some of the advice from the previous points apply here: 

  • Ensure the marketing firm has experience generating leads and increasing sales for e-commerce brands. 
  • Request a free consultation to discover if they use a data-driven approach, handle all services in-house, and can accomplish your goals.


Set a Budget


While the average hourly rate for a marketing agency is $137.94/hour, all proactive e-commerce firms have different rates. This is why you need to set a budget to ensure you will make an excellent ROI.

If you’re budgeting low, that doesn’t mean you’ll get a bad-quality service. Many marketing agencies will offer lower rates to businesses that purchase full-service packages or pay for an annual subscription.

Online sellers can also save money by only buying specific services instead of a full suite of marketing tactics. For example, maybe you only need to improve your Amazon SEO. 

SEO service fees can be as low as $235, so you’ll save money while improving your Amazon SERP visibility. However, if you have more advanced goals and want serious results, you’ll need to set a realistic budget. 

Remember that your fees include data analysis, consultations, in-house salaries, access to tools and technologies, advertising fees, and more. It’s still integral that you choose a company offering a custom package, ensuring you’ll receive data-driven results.

The type of fee you pay should play a part in your budget. Most marketing companies charge an hourly rate, but niche agencies may charge a one-time project fee. 

Some agencies may also charge a monthly fee. And while more uncommon, some agencies charge a performance fee, which is similar to a commission. You may not know a marketing company’s cost or pricing structure immediately, so it’s important to ask this during the consultation.


Schedule a Consultation


Once you found a proactive Amazon marketing agency, you’ll want to talk to the company before hiring them. 

Most firms offer a free consultation. During this period, they will review your business, target market, goals, branding, and existing marketing tactics.

You should also ask specific questions to know what to look for in a marketing agency. For example:

  • Do you have experience working with e-commerce companies?
  • What data will you track?
  • How often will you perform a campaign analysis?
  • Who will be my point of contact? Should I contact them if there’s a problem?
  • Can you provide case studies?
  • Do you handle all services in-house?
  • How much will this cost? What pricing structure do you use?
  • Do I have any control over my campaign? What if I have a rush project/idea?
  • Will you take my goals into consideration?
  • How often will you reassess my campaign?

Ideally, you should talk to a few marketing agencies to get a good idea of the one you should hire.

Final Thoughts


Finding a proactive Amazon marketing agency is easier than you think. AMZ Advisers has been working with numerous e-commerce clients for half a decade. We’ve tested and improved our full-service marketing strategy to ensure that your business will see results. 

We always consider your goals and budget to create a marketing approach to generate results. That’s why some clients have experienced as much as 250% growth in only two months.

Don’t need a full-service marketing agency? We also offer specific services, such as content, advertising, and video production. Get started by giving us a call.



sephanie-jensenStephanie Jensen has been writing e-commerce content for seven years, and her copy has helped numerous stores rank on Amazon. Follow her on LinkedIn for more insight into freelance writing and creating high-quality content.

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