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Here’s an understatement: price wars are fierce on Amazon. Sellers constantly try to outprice their competition in the marketplace. Luckily, Amazon price trackers can give you a much-needed edge to fight.

This is an every-day struggle for merchants. It’s crucial to keep track of product pricing on Amazon. But instead of clicking update every 5 minutes, just let a price history tracker do the legwork for you.

Today, we’ll help you select one of the top 5 Amazon price trackers for your business. We’ll also review a few key considerations when selecting a tracking tool to work with.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Amazon Price Tracking?

Completion on Amazon is not just about delivering the best products. It’s also about offering the lowest and most competitive prices.

Price tracking is about analyzing and comparing product prices in online stores. Therefore, an Amazon price tracker is a dedicated tool that monitors pricing changes in the marketplace.

The best Amazon price trackers follow the pricing trends of your own products. When there’s a fluctuation in prices, the app will notify you, so you can make the necessary adjustments.

The Top 5 Amazon Price Trackers for Sellers

An Amazon price tracker can help you offer the best listing prices to customers. As a result, you’ll save on costs, and stay ahead of the competition.

Now, let’s review the top 5 Amazon Price trackers available.


This is one of the top choices to collect an item’s pricing history and sales rank. It’s available as a web extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge.

Keepa features a smooth user interface. It focuses on daily deals, price history, product availability, and international pricings.

Amazon sellers can set up Keepa to track specific prices for new or used products in real time. Keepa will track prices for over 800 million items, in 10 different currencies.

The app is also available in several countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Germany, Spain, France, Japan, China, the US and the UK.

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Keepa offers a free subscription, which is already quite comprehensive for most sellers. However, the paid subscriptions can give you access to interactive graphs. You’ll also earn the following perks:

  • Product finder and viewer tools. Find products you want to keep an eye on. You can also import item lists.
  • Top and best seller lists. Locate and sort the best-selling offers. From here, you can detect what the competition is doing to succeed on Amazon.
  • Category Tree. Sort the data on Keepa by product category. It’s a great tool to separate and focus your niche items.
  • Keepa API. This tool highlights data for individual products. You can review live pricing, product availability, and sales rank. The API also reviews Buy Box metrics.

The premium subscription costs $20 per month.

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This is another top choice for its simplicity and effectiveness. Plus, its price tracking tool is free!

CamelCamelCamel can track prices on millions of products. Sellers only need to add the extension to their browsers, and the app takes care of the rest.

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You can specify your tracking by creating price watches. This way, the app will alert you when a specific product drops in price.

This Amazon price tracker is compatible with Edge, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. CamelCamelCamel also supports Amazon sellers in Canada, Australia, Germany, the US, Italy, France, the UK, and Spain.


This app is set up to track specific products. Then, it alerts you when the price drops. It’s all about knowing the best times to buy.

Earny collects receipts from your inbox to track items you already bought on Amazon. The app then sets up a personal database of all your purchases.

Once Earny finds a discount, it will notify you about the offer.

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Plus, the app also features price protection. This means it will refund you the price difference for an item you bought before.

Note that, for each sale, Earny will claim a 25% fee, and refund you the remaining cashback.

Users also enjoy late shipping protection. This makes it possible to claim compensation for late Amazon packages.

Earny can track discounts from brands like BestBuy, Costco, Target, Nike, Target, Home Depot, and more. The app features a web extension, and is available for download on Android and iOS.

Note that Earny is subscription-based. You’ll need to sign up to enjoy the full features of the app. The monthly fee is $4.99, while the annual rate is $39.96. 


Honey’s price tracker compares several retailers to find the best product options. To do so, the app includes Droplist.  

With such a feature, you can create a list of a single item from different stores. Afterwards, the app will notify you about the best pricing changes.

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Sellers can also set up Honey to track down promo code and coupons for specific items. The app can also apply the discount during checkout.

You can also subscribe to Honey Gold. This service makes sellers eligible to earn gift cards.

Honey can monitor prices for as long as 90 days. It can also display pricing history reports for the past 120 days.

But the best thing about Honey is that it’s a free app for sellers. Plus, the extension is compatible with Safari, Opera, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. 

Amazon Assistant

The retail giant also has its own price tracker. It’s a free tool for Amazon sellers with access to the complete marketplace.

Amazon Assistant not only tracks and compares prices within Amazon, but also with other retailers online. Plus, it’s highly customizable, so sellers can set the assistant to:

  • Compare pricing, star rating and customer reviews.
  • Get notified about transactions, new deals, and special offers.
  • Create a universal wish list to keep track of new products.

The assistant is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Opera and Firefox, and it’s available for sellers in 11 countries. 

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Final Thoughts

Not all price trackers will suit every seller equally. It’s key that you conduct deep research into each option.

This way, you’ll be able to make the best investment for your business.

To help you out with the process, consider the following requisites when choosing the best Amazon price tracker for you:

  • Its design can track any item on Amazon.
  • Displays a full overview of the competition’s price changes.
  • Includes a website extension, and a mobile app.

Each Amazon price tracker comes with its own unique perks.

But whatever your choice, this tool will help set up the best deals on Amazon, and stay ahead of the competition.

Good luck!


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