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Most of our clients find it difficult to keep up with the demands that come with becoming a high seller on Amazon, and we believe Feedvisor is one of the most comprehensive tools out there.

If you are a high-volume Amazon seller, looking for a reporting and analytics tool to help you find the best price for your products, manage your Amazon business, and optimize your seller feedback, then Feedvisor could be your best bet. 

In this article, we will touch base on the most important aspects of this next-gen optimization tool so you can weigh your decision before going forward.

What Is Feedvisor?

Feedvisor is an intelligent platform that focuses on end-to-end optimization for larger sellers and brands on the Amazon marketplace.

Besides strategic advertising campaign optimization, Feedvisor offers brand and content management, along with algorithmic repricing. 

Pricing can be one of the most challenging parts of a business. If it’s too low, you’ll cut a profit. Set it too high, and you’ll lose sales. 

These features help sellers grow their profit, revenue, and demand. Feedvisor also offers support for customers worldwide. 

The only requirement for sellers is to have an average of $100,000 monthly sales on Amazon.

Feedvisor is AI-driven

Feedvisor constantly sets the ideal price for your product. It uses metrics and active intelligence to analyze market, competition, supply, demand, and more and choose a price that is not too high and not too low. In a nutshell, the price can drive a higher number of sales.

feedvisor dashboard

Feedvisor Features

Feedvisor has a dashboard that is simple and easy to use. It shows colorful graphs with enough data to make it easy to have an overview of your business at a glance. 

Its features are divided into 3 main categories:

1. Price Optimization and Intelligence

2. Advertising Optimization and Intelligence

3. Brand Optimization and Intelligence

Sellers can use Feedvisor in a way that best suits their business:

1. Feedvisor Price Optimization and Intelligence

This is Feedvisor’s most popular feature. It makes sure that you have the most effective possible price for your products using AI. 

Feedvisor can find the perfect balance between being profitable for you and attractive to buyers while helping sellers get the best share possible out of the Buy Box. It can also be used to set a pricing strategy for your products across multiple channels. That way, it maximizes your returns across Amazon, or eBay, or your own online store.

Sellers can even track their inventory and get data-driven insights on when they should be reordering based on sales volume with Feedvisor.

2. Feedvisor Advertising Optimization & Intelligence (PPC Optimization)

Feedvisor provides a dashboard specifically for PPC management. It uses the same AI-driven technology and it’s totally worth it. 

On top of helping sellers to automatically analyze all of their keywords, it will throw relevant suggestions that will raise your sales. It can also point out all keywords that aren’t providing a good enough ACoS, so you can get rid of them.

Over time, this tool will automatically optimize keywords, negative keywords, and ad groups. Combining these tools with optimized inventory and pricing, sellers can get the best possible chance of conversion at all times.

You also have the possibility of setting custom goals so that Feedvisor can make decisions to help you reach your target.

3. Feedvisor Brand Optimization & Intelligence

This section focuses on the general health of your Amazon listings. It is as insightful and in-depth as the other features of the software. It is a helpful way to improve your copy or product titles and stay ahead of the competition. 

Feedvisor can optimize:

  • SEO analysis & keyword 
  • Listing and product image 
  • Storefront/Enhanced Brand Content 


You can expect to pay a monthly subscription around $1,000 and it can rise up to $2,500 for larger Amazon sellers with a big number of listings.

As you know, Feedvisor is a solution that works across pricing, advertising, brand management, and intelligence for bigger sellers. Those sellers that decide to use Feedvisor, they engage in a contract, and depending on the plan and product, they pay a monthly based license fee. 

Sellers may also pay fees for gross merchandise volume (GMV) and media. Depending on the features you need and how many prices you need to keep track of, costs may vary a lot.

There are other less expensive price optimization tools out there in case you feel your business is still not at the level of affording Feedvisor yet. Still, this tool continues to be more reliable and functional. 

So, as you continue to grow your business and listings, you might want to consider Feedvisor in your future.

Feedvisor’s Team

Paying Feedvisor’s subscription grants you access to their team of experts and their help. It includes customer service and data analysts, etc.

Feedvisor’s team can support you and even provide a more manual approach to your account. For example, they can help you set up ad campaigns for you and establish your strategy before setting an algorithm to optimize it continuously.

For most businesses, there is no need to get support from Feedvisor’s team, but this is a good option to know for those brands who do.

Advantages with Feedvisor

Although we’ve already mentioned some of the most important and beneficial aspects of this tool, we’ve summarized them in this list for you:

  • The repricing feature is on point. You’ll see a boost in sales just by letting it run. It can update prices even every fifteen minutes.
  • Feedvisor is known for its quality customer care. A person will pick up the phone at any time to help you with your questions and problems.
  • Their support team is well-prepared and ready to provide useful tips, answers, and solutions. 
  • The data you need is only one click away. Forget about Amazon’s long reports. 
  • It improves your process efficiency and cuts down errors. Get better margins without losing the Buy Box.

Issues with Feedvisor

Feedvisor has a lot of benefits to optimize different aspects of your online store. However, like any software, it’s not perfect:

  • There have been customer complaints about its performance and sometimes, it can get a bit slow.
  • There might be problems working with your entire KPIs.
  • Sometimes there are issues finding out a solution for pricing if the SKU is sold under the Multi-Country Inventory in Europe.


Where can I use Feedvisor? 

Feedvisor is compatible with Amazon marketplaces in North America and Europe.

Is Feedvisor secure? 

Yes. There’s nothing to worry about. Read their privacy policy here.

How much does Feedvisor cost? 

Not a free trial, but there’s a free demo that you can request. This is a great way to try the software and see how it can fit with your business. 

Final thoughts

Feedvisor is not magic. Still, combining automated conversion rate optimization with automated PPC management and price adjustments can do wonders to raise sales and grow your online business. 

This tool will help you improve your listings and prices over time, as long as your product is an attractive one. We would dare to say Feedvisor is the best pricing optimization tool out there with avant-garde technology.  

Also, with Feedvisor you will save a huge amount of time! 

Avoiding to do all this work manually is worth the cost alone. 

If you feel your business is at the point Feedvisor can help boost your sales, go for it!

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