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Are you using an Amazon wish list to drive engagement and sales?

Customers complete 28% of Amazon purchases in three minutes or less. But what about the rest of the purchases? Some users save some products in a wish list, so they can buy them at another time or to send the list to a loved one.

How can Amazon sellers take advantage of this? An Amazon wish list introduces your brand to a large pool of shoppers. But How can sellers take advantage of this? 

Creating a wish list strategy can increase your reach and even enhance sales. In this guide, sellers will learn about the Amazon wish list and how it benefits e-commerce owners.

When you engage customers with an Amazon wish list, you can increase your reach and even enhance sales. Let’s find out how to do so. 


What Is an Amazon Wish List?


Think of a wish list like a shopping list on Amazon. Before you go to the store, you list everything you need. Once at the store, you find these items and place them in your shopping cart before checking out. But an Amazon wish list is more than a normal grocery list. 

So, how does an Amazon wish list work? You can create different categories of items you need or want and purchase them later when you’re ready. 

Is there a difference between an Amazon wish list vs registry? Technically, no. Many people also use a wish list as a gift registry and can share that list with family and friends. This is convenient since loved ones can purchase the products and send them to the recipient with one click.

Wish List

When to Create a List


Amazon initially created wish lists as an easy way to share gift ideas for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Today, users create wish lists for numerous reasons.

A popular type of wish list is the Prime Day list. Amazon’s Prime Day sales equal $12.9 billion, making it one of the most popular retail holidays. 

Many users list the items they want to order to prepare for Prime Day. All they have to do on Prime Day is add those products to their shopping cart and check out.

But users can create a wish list anytime, not just on Prime Day. Since you can create multiple lists and name them, customers love organizing the different products they want to buy. 

For example, maybe you’re planning a camping vacation and need new supplies, but you’re also redecorating your home. You can make two lists for camping and home decor to organize your products and purchase them when ready.


How to Create an Amazon Wish List


Creating an Amazon wish list is easy. Here are the steps for desktop and mobile:


  1. Go to the Amazon website 
  2. Hover your cursor over the top right of the page (the Account & Lists section)
  3. Find the “Your” Lists section
  4. Click “Create a List”
  5. Name your list
  6. Search for products on Amazon
  7. On the far right, under the area where you can add a product to your shopping cart, select “Add to List” instead
  8. Find your shopping cart and select it

Mobile app

  1. Open the app
  2. Navigate to the bottom menu bar, and click the icon of a person
  3. Select “Your Lists” at the top
  4. Select “Create a List” on the top right
  5. Follow the same steps as above


Can You Share an Amazon Wish List?


Absolutely! Follow the previous prompts to view your list. On the top right, you’ll see the button “…More.” Hover your cursor over it and click “Manage list.”

First, change the privacy. Amazon immediately makes a list private, but you can change the visibility to share it with family and friends. Your privacy options are:

  • Private (only you can view it)
  • Public (anyone can view it)
  • Shared (the only people who can view it are the ones you share the list with)

Once you select the best privacy option, go down through the rest of the options and select your preferences. Then, click save.

Now that you changed the privacy settings, you will see the “+ Invite” button under your wish list’s title. Amazon will give you a direct link, but you can also email the list.

what is a wish list
what is a wish list

How an Amazon Wish List Benefits Sellers


The Amazon wish list offers many benefits to customers, but sellers can also take advantage of this feature. As stated previously, some buyers leave their wish lists public. This is a quick, easy, and free way to understand your customers better and what they want from your brand.

The Amazon wish list also benefits sellers without e-commerce store owners needing to do anything. By sharing lists, your customers can increase engagement and enhance brand awareness.

Here’s more information on all these factors.


Scout for Wish Lists


Even though a wish list may be public, Amazon makes it difficult to search for lists. You’ll need to know the registrant’s name and their list category to find it.

That said, you can still search for wish lists and registries on social media or blogs. But does that mean you should stalk your customers’ profiles to find your wish list? Not exactly.

Instead, use Amazon wish lists as a contest idea. Ask your customers to add your products to an Amazon wish list and have them comment with the link to their list. Offer an incentive to a customer of your choice. You can use influencer marketing for this to increase awareness.

It’s important to note that sensitive information, such as the recipient’s address, isn’t visible. It’s still best to share safety best practices when sharing Amazon wish lists.


Product Research


Another way to conduct product research is to search Amazon’s Most Wished For section. This page shows the gifts and promotions most commonly added to the wish list and registry. You can filter the list by category to see only products sold in your niche.

This section is beneficial for different reasons. You can see the trendiest products in your niche, helping you get ideas for your inventory. Sellers can also use this area to better understand pricing and the features consumers most desire.


Encourage Sharing


Instead of taking to social media to find wish lists, use your own channels to reach out to your audience. Ask if your followers have any of your items on their wish lists, and encourage them to share their list with loved ones.


Share Offers


Did you know 93% of customers use a discount code or coupon throughout the year? That’s why sales, deals, and offers greatly increase customer engagement and sales.

How can you host a sale that ties in with a wish list strategy? Keep your sale going for a longer period. A customer may not have the money or means to purchase your items immediately, but they can add your products to their cart and take advantage of the savings when they can.

The only problem with this strategy is you risk not making your ROI, especially if you use FBA. You can always use an FBA calculator to know how to host sales while monitoring extra fees.


Create Gift Ideas


Did you know the average couple creates two-to-three registries? Businesses can take advantage of this by creating gift sets and bundles. 

With gift sets, you encourage customers to buy them based on an upcoming special event. This is especially important if you can market your items for events such as birthdays or holidays or special occasions such as weddings, honeymoons, or pregnancies.


Amazon Wish List FAQ


I want to purchase an item from a loved one’s wish list. How do I do that?

When your loved one sends you the link to the wish list, you can add any of those items to your shopping cart. If there are many items on the wish list, you can filter the list by priority, price, and purchase status.

Since they originated from the wish list, Amazon will send them to the recipient. Remember that you won’t see the recipient’s address–Amazon only makes their name and city available.


I just created a wish list. How will I know if someone purchased an item?

Amazon won’t notify you if anyone purchases an item. However, the wish list will mention if an item has already been purchased or not, ensuring you don’t receive product doubles.


Can I see who purchased items on my Amazon wish list?

Yes. Go to your list and click the “Thank You List” button. You will see the names of those who purchased items for you, and if they opt-in, they may also provide their address if you want to send a thank you card or gift.

amazon wish list faq
amazon wish list faq

Use the Amazon Wish List to Your Advantage


Not everyone who shops on your Amazon page is ready to purchase items. They may use an Amazon wish list to buy items later or add them to a gift registry.

Do you suspect that’s why your sales are lacking? Or could it be for another reason?

If you suspect you need help, contact AMZ Advisers. We helped over 500 e-commerce stores increase Amazon sales, with an average 75% increase in revenue YOY.




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