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Amazon editorial recommendations are not only about building customer trust. They’re also a good tactic to earn the spotlight on Amazon search results instantly, thus catching the eye of eager shoppers.

After all, when you are navigating a platform that has 9.5 million sellers, getting a recommendation can be the difference between ongoing sales and crickets. 

What can help to set your brand apart from the competition?


What are Editorial Recommendations on Amazon?


Amazon customers face an overwhelming sea of options. That’s why they keep an eye out for a guiding light in the marketplace. Users want someone they can trust to point them in the right direction. That’s exactly the goal of Amazon editorial recommendations

But it’s more than just product endorsements. Amazon Editorial Recommendations are curated insights from trusted third-party sources, publishers, and influencers. 

Similar to influential movie reviews that can sway audiences towards a particular film, these endorsements hold significant weight among buyers.

Picture a spotlight shining on a handful of items amidst a vast sea of options. These endorsements guide shoppers through the labyrinth of choices on Amazon. 

Editorial reviews are strategically placed on the search results page, commanding attention and influencing purchasing decisions. By featuring these recommendations, Amazon aims to enrich the shopping experience and assist customers in making well-informed decisions.

That’s the key goal of Amazon Editorial Recommendations: to spotlight the very best products within their respective categories. 


Who Manages Amazon Editorial Reviews?


Amazon Editorial Recommendations are crafted by a diverse community of content creators and publishers who actively participate in the Onsite Affiliates Program. 

This is an extension of Amazon Associates, which enables third-parties to share their product knowledge and expertise on and off the marketplace.

It is worth noting that Amazon values the autonomy and creative control of affiliated creators and publishers. They have the freedom to express their opinions without any influence from Amazon. 

This approach ensures that the Editorial Recommendations reflect genuine perspectives and evaluations. In doing so, the marketplace offers unbiased reviews, and allows customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

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How to Get Amazon Editorial Recommendations


It’s essential to employ effective strategies to maximize your chances of earning editorial reviews on Amazon.

The following tactics can help you drive visibility, and attract the attention of Amazon associates. In doing so, you’ll increase your chances of securing Amazon editorial recommendations.


Optimize Your Product Listings


Make sure that your product listings are detailed, accurate, and compelling. Also, use high-quality product images that showcase your product from different angles. Last but not least, provide clear descriptions that highlight its unique selling points. 

By optimizing your Amazon product listings, you increase the chances of attracting and encouraging editorial recommendations. 


Leverage Social Media and Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing can greatly enhance your chances of receiving editorial recommendations. So, make the time to engage with influencers in your product niche through social media. 

Find influencers who align with your target audience. Offer them your product for review, collaborate on content creation, or sponsor posts featuring your product. 

Positive reviews and endorsements from influential personalities can significantly boost your product’s credibility. They’ll also increase the likelihood of receiving editorial recommendations.

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Participate in Amazon Programs


Take advantage of various Amazon programs designed to support sellers in gaining exposure and increasing product visibility. For example: 

Such services can provide additional opportunities for generating authentic customer reviews. Plus, they can improve product visibility to attract the attention of content creators. 


Product Excellence


Amazon editorial recommendations  are a consequence of delivering exceptional products to customers. 

So, make sure that your business strives to offer unique and compelling products that stand out from the crowd.

Exceptional products naturally capture the attention of content creators and publishers, increasing the likelihood of receiving editorial reviews.


Connect with Content Creators 


Reach out to content creators and publishers within your product niche. Introduce your product, provide product samples, and offer comprehensive information about its features and benefits.

Genuine connections and partnerships with influential content creators can significantly amplify your product’s visibility and reputation.


How to Improve Amazon Recommendations


While earning editorial recommendations can have a profound impact on your visibility and sales, it’s essential to evaluate their value in relation to your goals.

Consider the following factors when assessing the impact of Amazon editorial recommendations:

  • Niche Competition. Analyze the level of competition within your product niche. If the competition is intense, securing editorial recommendations can provide a competitive edge. However, in less competitive niches, the impact of editorial recommendations may be relatively lower.
  • Return on Investment. Evaluate the potential return on investment associated with pursuing paid opportunities for editorial recommendations. Assess the cost of acquiring editorial recommendations against the anticipated increase in sales and overall business growth. This analysis will help you determine the feasibility of investing in editorial recommendations.


Final Thoughts


Editorial recommendations can enhance your product’s visibility, credibility, and ultimately drive increased sales and success on the platform.

Remember, success on Amazon is a continuous journey that requires adaptability and a commitment. 

Stay informed about industry trends, understand how to promote your products efficiently, continue refining your strategies, and embrace the ever-changing dynamics of the platform.



Antonella Fleitas is a freelance content writer from Argentina. Antonella worked with many projects to create fact-based, evergreen content about science, language learning, and culture. Her main goal is to build a strong content foundation for her clients, based on meaningful stories that people can learn from.

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