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What is Amazon Vine and How Can it Help My Brand?

What is Amazon Vine?

Amazon Vine is another great program developed by Amazon to benefit their vendors. The program is open to vendor and vendor express users only, and allows vendors to access Amazon’s top reviewers. Vine allows vendors to set-up deep product discounts for top reviewers in exchange for their fair and honest reviews. This allows vendors to launch their products with a significant number of product reviews – giving their product a level of social-proof that can help them convert Amazon shoppers into customers.

How does Amazon Vine work?

The Vine program works in two parts; the reviewer side and the vendor side. Membership for reviewers is on an invitation-only basis. Vine members, or Vine Voices as Amazon calls them, are invited based on the helpfulness of their reviews as judge by other Amazon members (the “Was this review helpful to you?” buttons at the bottom of a review) and their interest in the products being offered for review in the vine program. Amazon wants the Vine Voices to have a great reputation and expert knowledge of products in their specific product category. “Vine Voice” shows up as badge next to their name and is how you can distinguish your Vine reviews from organic customer reviews. Voices are required to submit reviews for the products within 30 days of receiving or risk having their account temporarily suspended.

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Vendors can use the program by enrolling a product or ASIN into the program. Amazon will give you a price to list the product within the Vine program. The price can range anywhere from $2500-$7500 based on the product category. Amazon limits the amount of inventory that you can enroll in the program based on category. In our experience, the limit is around 30 units per product. Once an ASIN is enrolled, Amazon will have you send the product to a distribution center to be distributed to Vine Voices. You can select when you want the product to be available to Vine Voices and Amazon will not place the product in queue until that date.

The Amazon Vine program is useful for vendors to garner reviews for their products. As we’ve mentioned before, reviews are the social-proof that can help you get more conversions. One of the unique features of the Vine program is a vendor’s ability to enroll pre-launch products. This can allow a vendor to gain a slight advantage on competition by starting with product reviews from day one. We also believe that having reviews from top ranked reviewers on your listing is weighted heavier in the Amazon algorithm. At the very least, Vine Voices tend to write long reviews which can help you with showing up in search results with all the added keywords. The cost of the vendor program is certainly a drawback and may not make it worthwhile for each Amazon Vendor. You can also check out our previous post on how vendors can get reviews for their products.

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MikeWhat is Amazon Vine and How Can it Help My Brand?
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