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It’s not easy to build an Amazon business from scratch without the right tools. And with so many Amazon product research software tools out there, it is hard for sellers to know which one will work best for their business. Therefore, we’ve decided to take a look inside two of the best Amazon seller suites in the market: Jungle Scout and AMZScout.

One thing to keep in mind before we start is that both tools help merchants perform Amazon market research in minutes to get ahead of the game.  

So, without further ado, let’s see which one best fits your business needs. 


Jungle Scout – An Overview


jungle scout


This is one of the best all-in-one product research suites. It was also the first software to focus on Amazon sales. 

Jungle Scout collects daily sales data to locate trending opportunities on Amazon. Some of the intel available in Jungle Scout is:

  • Unit volume sales
  • Product ratings
  • Customer reviews
  • Best seller rankings

Using this information, Jungle Scout delivers accurate data on product demand, competition, and profitability.

The suite is available as a web app, and a Chrome & Firefox extension. This allows sellers to use Jungle Scout on any place with internet access.


Let’s look at Jungle Scout’s features:


  • Product Database – Rates products by rating, price history, competition and sales estimates.
  • Product Tracker – Reviews best-selling items, changes in pricing, competition and customer demand.
  • Opportunity Finder – Identifies market niches according to demand. This way, you to detect the most valuable opportunities on Amazon.
  • Keyword Scout – Provides a list of the most used keywords. Then, you can cater your product listings to boost traffic and visibility.
  • Launch – This feature automates email campaigns. It’s ideal to inform loyal followers about them on new product launches and promotions.
  • Sales Analytics – Keeps track of Amazon profits and expenses to reduce costs and increase revenue.
  • Supplier Database – Review high-quality product suppliers who can sell and deliver your products.
  • Inventory Manager – Keeps track of your Amazon stock. Use it to predict the amount of inventory needed to meet customer demand.
  • Academy. This program includes documents, videos and tutorials to boost merchants’ success on Amazon.


Jungle Scout – Pricing


The app offers a free 7-day trial. Sellers do have to submit credit card data, but the suite includes a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Once the trial period expires, you can subscribe to one of the following tiers:


  Basic Suite Pro
User License 1 1 6
Product Tracker 20 products 150 1,000
Monthly Sales Estimator 500 estimates 1,000 estimates 1,500 estimates
Web Extension Yes Yes Yes
Historical Product Tracking Data 1 month 3 months 6 months
Historical Keyword Tracking Data 1 month 1 year 2 years
Rank Tracker N/A 3,500 keywords 5,000 keywords
Monthly Listing Grade 100 200 500
Monthly Bill $49 $69 $129
Annual Bill $349 $589 $999


Jungle Scout also features 3 package suites for sellers:


  1. Start-Up Suite. Ideal for new Amazon sellers, who want to start selling as they learn. It’s a 3-month plan at $189, which includes access to the following:
    1. Academy seller training courses
    2. Weekly live Q&As
    3. Priority onboarding
    4. Get started checklist
    5. 90 days of historical product tracking data
    6. 1 year of historical keyword search data
  1. Entrepreneur Suite. Designed for those who want to introduce new products to the marketplace. It includes all the Start-Up Suite features. However, the Entrepreneur Suite is a 6-month plan at $349.
  1. Freedom Builder Bootcamp. Made for experienced sellers, who wish to master the Amazon FBA business model. It’s a 12-month plan at $999, which features:
    1. Live coaching
    2. 1-year subscription to Jungle Scout Pro
    3. Updated content as your sales evolve


AMZScout – An Overview



AMZScout shares many similarities with Jungle Scout. However, AMZScout stands out thanks to its PRO extension. Many sellers consider it THE BEST chrome extension in the market.

The Pro extension allows merchants to discover valuable products on Amazon. The extension also reviews competition levels and product sourcing options

Besides, the extension detects the item’s specific keywords. It also features a profit calculator to evaluate monthly revenues.

The AMZScout web app includes more specialized tools to increase Amazon visibility and sales.

Let’s review some of the suite’s most important tools:


  • Product Database – Lists Amazon products to find sales opportunities. You can filter the best options by keywords to find similar items.
  • Product Tracker – Keeps track of the items that most interest you. Sellers can review pricing, demand, seasonality and new trends at any moment.
  • Keyword Explorer – Lists the most. The explorer finds and rates keywords by search volume. So, you can improve your sales with the most relevant keywords for each product.  
  • FBA Fee Calculator –Estimates the Amazon and supplier fees you must cover to sell a product in the marketplace.
  • Sales Estimator – Delivers the expected sales of a product over a specific period of time. Useful to select the most profitable products. 
  • Seller’s Course – Practical Knowledge resources to start making revenue on Amazon, in less than 3 months.


AMZScout – Pricing


AMZScout also features a 7-day trial with a 10-day money-back guarantee. The app concentrates its services in two main tier plans:

  1. PRO Extension – Access to the Chrome extension, and the AMZScout Seller’s Course.
  2. Amazon Seller’s Bundle – The plan opens all AMZScout’s features. For example:
    1. Track more than 1,000 products exclusive to Amazon
    2. monthly trend reports
    3. Product Database and Tracker
    4. Keyword Search
    5. Reverse ASIN Lookup


Here are AMZScout’s pricing fees:

  PRO Extension Amazon Sellers Bundle
Monthly Bill $45.99 $49.99
Annual Bill $197.99 $349.99
Lifetime Fee $499 $1,499


Final Thoughts


Both AMZScout and Jungle Scout are great seller tools for Amazon. Yet, their pros and cons cater to different seller goals. 

Jungle Scout is an all-round suite for pro sellers. It’s a great tool to start up an Amazon business from scratch. Plus, it’ll be a trusty ally to boost growth.

AMZScout falls a bit short. However, it features almost the same tools as Jungle Scout. Plus, its pricing tiers are more accessible to new merchants.

The final choice depends on your Amazon strategy. But rest assured, both AMZScout and Jungle Scout will boost your long-term success.


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