Selling on Amazon Brazil | A Quick Guide for Sellers

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Amazon has quite a presence across Latin America. And if you’re thinking about international expansion, selling on Amazon Brazil may be a great starting point.

But still, you may be wondering: “Can I sell on Amazon Brazil?”. Why yes, of course!

Let’s find out how you can start to sell and buy from Amazon Brazil.

Why Sell on Amazon Brazil?


Statista indicates that 46 million Brazilians shopped online in 2021. In that year alone, the eCommerce market generated over 41 billion in revenue.

FeedbackWhiz states that Brazil will be home to 138 million eCommerce users by 2025. As a result of this growth, the country expects a 7.2% annual growth rate. At such a rate, Brazil’s projected market volume could reach $34.5 million by 2025! (Source)

As of July 2021, Amazon Brazil boasts over 31 million users. It also holds a 100% year-on-year overall traffic growth.

Plus, Colibri Content expects that 78% of Brazilians will have internet access by 2023. This means Selling on Amazon Brazil will soon be a must-do for many Amazon merchants.

Clearly, Brazil is quickly turning into fertile ground for international sellers. This is especially true with programs like Remote Fulfillment and Amazon Global Selling.

How to Start Selling on Amazon Brazil


Amazon professional sellers in China or the US are eligible to sell on Amazon Brazil.

There are three main requisites:

  1. Own a legal address in the US or in China.
  2. Hold a valid US bank account for payment and tax purposes.
  3. Set up an America Unified Account.

Interested merchants also need to consider Brazil’s tax and regulations.

You can find more about these requisites in Seller Central (login required).


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America Unified Account


This is the key to selling on Amazon Brazil. An America Unified Account enables brands to set up shop in Brazil, Mexico, the US and Canada.

Such accounts don’t require new registration from sellers. Plus, you won’t have to pay a new subscription fee. In short, you’ll be able to list products in 4 marketplaces, using a single Amazon Professional account.

Here are the specific benefits of setting up an America Unified Account:

  • Share and translate product listing data across Mexico, the US, Canada, and Brazil.
  • Manage your inventory and warehouse storage across all 4 marketplaces.
  • Multichannel order tracking using “Manage Orders”, or with a single “Order Report.”
  • Access to Amazon’s tools and services for sellers.
  • Customize your Amazon seller account details for each marketplace.
  • Pay a $39.99 monthly fee for your Professional Selling Plan and your America Unified Account.
  • Manage transactions with a single bank account.
  • Get paid in your own currency, thanks to the Amazon Currency Converter.

Submit your merchant token in Seller Central to set the America Unified Account. From then on, sellers can switch to Amazon Brazil with a single click. To do so, select the store you want at the top right corner of your seller central dashboard.


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Amazon Brazil Selling Fees


As we said, professional sellers will pay a single subscription fee for their America Unified Account.

But product listings are specific to each marketplace. As such, Amazon will still collect referral fees for each product sold in Brazil.

Here’s a quick rundown of Amazon Brazil referral fees by product category:



You can review the full list of referral fees in the Amazon Seller Central help center.

As for customer refunds, Amazon will pay you the referral fee pack, minus the Refund Administration fee. This amounts to 20% of the applicable fee.



Final Thoughts


Ecommerce in Latin America is booming, especially for Amazon. But some countries have a faster growth in online sales. Brazil is one clear example of this trend.

So why not start selling on Amazon Brazil? There’s no reason why you should miss out. That is, provided you have proper planning, and the right allies, of course!

We can help you make the most of selling in Latin America.

Our team understands how Brazilian consumers browse and buy on Amazon. We then take that knowledge to create attractive listings with higher conversion rates.


Make no mistake, selling on Amazon Brazil is quite the opportunity for international sellers.

Plus, it’s a great starting point to selling on Amazon internationally.


Esteban Muñoz is a content writer at AMZ Advisers, with several years’ experience in digital marketing and e-commerce. Esteban and the AMZ Advisers team have been able to achieve incredible growth on Amazon for their clients by optimizing and managing their accounts, and creating in-depth content marketing strategies.


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