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Amazon started this year with the launch of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC). This solution was created to help marketers measure their performance. Advertisers are constantly looking for ways to understand their advertising analytics in a more transparent way across all the media channels.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about AMC.

What is the Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Marketing Cloud is a secure cloud-based software in which can easily perform analytics across multiple datasets to be able to produce aggregated reports. AMC gathers information from channels such as display, search, video and audio. Advertisers can include their own datasets or Amazon Advertising campaign events like impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Advertisers can then use these reports to measure their campaigns, refine their audiences, optimize their supply chain, etc. This way, marketers can make better decisions for their marketing strategy to make the most out of their budget.

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Why should you use the new Amazon Marketing Cloud?

Today’s marketing world is all about data. 

In the last couple of years, marketers have considered cross-channeling measurement and attribution activities as the most relevant factors. The problem is getting these measurements right takes time and resources.

One of the main reasons marketing analytics are not so easy to perform, is because browsers are now starting to block cookies from third-parties.

It is more difficult to access the right information and measure the conversions accurately to create useful reports. If we consider that the industry is on continuous change, then it’s no surprise that measuring a campaign performance in a holistic way is becoming more complicated.

The plus value that AMC provides is in the quality of the reports. Forget about traditional reporting. Getting better insights and a more comprehensive view of your marketing performance in all channels will give you the tools to be ahead of the competition.  

How does Amazon Marketing Cloud work?

Advertisers cannot access Amazon Advertising event-level data directly. Amazon Marketing Cloud only performs aggregate analytics to be able to keep the privacy of the end-customer. Marketers can never access data from individual users in the Amazon Marketing Cloud.

To make privacy protection even more effective, all aggregations need to have at least one hundred users. Creating reports with a minimum number of aggregations will provide advertisers with actionable, meaningful reports and users will continue to maintain their privacy. Aggregating over a minimum number of users gives advertisers significant, actionable reporting while maintaining end-customer privacy.

 The advertiser’s data remains protected as well. The advertiser or Amazon can’t access each other’s event-level data.

Source: Tinuiti

What Kinds of Data Inputs Can Advertisers Use?

As mentioned above, marketers can choose to use their own data sets or those from Amazon Advertising campaign events.

Once the data is aggregated, AMC creates a report showing insights on campaign measurement, audience refinement and supply optimization. Advertisers can be prepared to make better decisions about the advertising campaigns that are successful and optimize their targeting, creative deployment and investments across media channels.

Ways marketers can use the Amazon Marketing Cloud

  • Connect with audiences: Understand how many total consumers saw your ad and where in your marketing funnel. You can even increase your re-marketing reach.
  • Custom attribution models: Marketers can use AMC to create attribution models to identify the most impactful investments in their advertising campaigns.
  • Combination of media channels: AMC can help advertisers understand how over-the-top (OTT) advertising impacts customer engagement in the Amazon store. By looking at the reports, you may discover your audience prefers a different channel or find out the next best step to boost your conversion rate.
  • New measurement opportunities: Advertisers can measure the on-Amazon impact of their non-Amazon media. With the help of leading industry measurement partners, they can also decide to measure brand lift, brand preference or awareness of their Amazon Advertising campaigns.
  • This allows marketers to have more flexibility across touchpoints to engage audiences.

Examples of Amazon Marketing Cloud’s reporting:

  • Total reach and performance across channels.
  • Analysis of path-to-conversion. Including cross-campaign data aggregation and multiple attribution models
  • Custom reporting with better insights than what you can currently find at Amazon DSP
  • Measure how different media channels impact audience discovery, research, and purchase behavior
  • You make more informed decisions about the best ways to engage customers with the use of enhanced audience insights

In a nutshell, Amazon Marketing Cloud allows you to custom your reports to your specific goals, channels, audience, and messaging. With AMC, you can measure advertising performance impact across multiple channels on or off Amazon.

Getting started

AMC beta is currently available for eligible advertisers, agencies and tool providers in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

If you want to find out if the tool would be right for your business, you should get in touch with your Amazon Advertising account partner.

Final Thoughts

The New Amazon Marketing Cloud beta is an answer to most advertiser’s prayers.  This tool is worth the time you spend taking a dive into its features to create aggregated reports across all the channels you use for your marketing campaign. Remember it is likely it becomes more user-friendly over time.

Now that policies continue to be enforced on third-party cookies and other potential privacy concerns, AMC also offers the very valuable advantage of being designed to protect both the advertisers and user’s data.

With services like AMC, will have the accurate insights unique to their campaign to optimize media buys and retarget high-propensity consumers. 

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