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Amazon Marketing Services – now rebranded into Amazon Ads – is a valuable tool to grow a business and drive sales. Besides, we all know that, when it comes to ecommerce, marketing is the name of the game. 

This article will discuss what Amazon Ads are, ​​how to use Amazon marketing services, and how this tool can power up your marketing strategies for Amazon.


What is Amazon Marketing Services?


Formerly called Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon Ads is the marketplace’s advertising platform. This tool allows sellers to reach their business goals, whatever their size, budget, or growth stage may be.

Amazon Advertising can help you attract and engage Amazon customers through each stage of their customer journey. 

Three factors make Amazon a unique ad channel:

  • Publishing. Amazon has its own ecosystem of websites and platforms where it can display advertisements. This includes the main Amazon website and other properties it owns, such as IMDb and Twitch. Amazon’s vast reach as a publisher allows advertisers to access a large and diverse audience across various demographics and interests.
  • Retail Channel. Amazon Marketing Services are aligned with the company’s primary business, which is eCommerce. When users visit Amazon, they are typically in a shopping mindset, actively searching for products to purchase. This high intent to buy makes Amazon an attractive ad channel for businesses looking to reach customers at the point of purchase.
  • Original Content and Devices. The company has invested heavily in creating and acquiring original content for its streaming platform, Amazon Prime Video. This includes movies, TV shows, and exclusive series. Additionally, Amazon offers devices like Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets, and Kindle e-readers, which can also serve as channels for Amazon Marketing Services. 

In addition, all types of advertisers can access o Amazon marketing services, regardless of whether they sell products on Amazon or not.


The Steady Rise of Amazon Marketing Services


The digital advertising landscape has long been dominated by Google and Facebook. However, Amazon ads have been steadily growing and now catching up with the two giants.

Data from Marketplace Pulse shows that in the third quarter of 2019, Facebook’s advertising business was more than six times bigger than Amazon’s. 

Fast forward three years and Facebook’s lead has reduced significantly, with its advertising business being slightly less than three times bigger than Amazon’s.

So, while Google and Facebook are still significantly larger, the gap is closing, and Amazon’s rapid expansion is becoming more apparent. 

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Amazon Ads | Through the Customer Journey


Amazon online marketing services offer a range of valuable features to advertisers, including audience insights, audience solutions, and unique measurements

These features allow users to optimize campaigns and reach audiences during various steps of their customer journey:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Advocacy
  • Loyalty
Customer journey (Source - Amazon Ads Learning Console)
Customer journey (Source – Amazon Ads Learning Console)

Using Amazon digital marketing services throughout this funnel entails knowing how different audiences engage with the customer journey. 

For example, by providing relevant messages to your audiences, depending on the stage they are in, you’ll have better chances of achieving your goals. 


Types of Amazon Marketing Services


Amazon marketing services offer various types of ads to cater to different advertising needs.


Sponsored Ads


Sponsored ads are useful for brands targeting audiences with high purchase intent. This Amazon marketing service comes in three forms.


  • Sponsored Brands. Another cost-per-click ad, Sponsored Brand ads, are placed on product detail pages, as well as at the top, within, and at the bottom of shopping results. They showcase a custom headline, logo, and a set of products.
  • Sponsored Products. This ad falls under Amazon PPC marketing services or pay-per-click. That means you only pay for every click the ad gets, making it a viable option for those looking to reduce their Amazon marketing services cost. Sponsored Products are displayed within shopping results and have a native appearance similar to other Amazon elements. 
  • Sponsored Display. This advertising option allows you to display an ad to shoppers both on and off Amazon. Sponsored Display services are currently only available exclusively in the US.
Sponsored Ads examples (Source - Amazon)
Sponsored Ads examples (Source – Amazon)


Display ads


This ad type is powered by Amazon Demand-Side Platform or DSP, and comes in various formats. Advertisers can create custom and tailored creative solutions for their ads, which can appear on and off Amazon. Display ads can direct customers to various destinations, including the product detail page, a store, a brand website, or a custom detail page.


Video ads


Video ads enable viewers to interact and be directed to Amazon product pages, external websites, or other internet locations. This Amazon marketing services solution is accessible through Amazon DSP or a managed service. 

Video ads can come in two forms:

  • In-stream video. This video ad type appears within video content – either before, during, or after the main video, seamlessly integrated into the viewing experience. One unique place where in-stream video ads can be utilized is IMDb TV, a streaming service that offers free access to movies and TV shows. 
  • Out-stream video. This video ad type is among the non-intrusive advertising strategies that deliver video content to users while browsing web pages or using mobile apps. They are designed to be contextually relevant to the surrounding content, and are often integrated seamlessly into the user experience.


Custom Ads


Custom ads are crafted by an Amazon marketing agency specifically for a particular advertiser. Such ads may come with a higher cost but offer the potential for increased results and impact. 

This ad type suits businesses seeking to make a strong statement, leave a lasting impression, and establish a unique brand identity. 


Amazon Advertising Placements


How does Amazon marketing services work, and where can the ads be placed? Amazon Ads offers a wide range of visibility spots, spanning  various platforms and locations. These include:


Amazon Retail Sites


Ads can be displayed on various Amazon retail sites, such as the homepage, category pages, and search results. Advertisements shown in the marketplace’s retail sites include:

  • Sponsored ads
  • Display ads
  • Video ads


Amazon Owned and Operated Properties


These placements involve ads on Amazon-owned properties beyond the main retail site, such as IMDb, DPReview, and Goodreads. Ads available under this placement are:

  • Sponsored Display
  • Video ads
  • Display ads


Amazon Devices


Ads can be shown on Amazon devices like Fire TV, allowing you to engage with audiences using these devices. Ads available for this placement are:

  • Video ads
  • Display ads


Third-Party Sites


Amazon marketing services can also appear on third-party websites and apps, extending the reach to a broader online audience. This placement can accommodate the following ad types:

  • Sponsored Display
  • Video ads
  • Display ads
Marketing services by available inventory (Source - Amazon Ads Learning Console)
Marketing services by available inventory (Source – Amazon Ads Learning Console)


Tips For Using Amazon Marketing Services


Here are a few tips for Amazon sellers who are looking to make the most of Amazon Ads:

  • Optimize Product Listings. An Amazon marketing services agency would advise you to ensure that your product listings are optimized before even running ads. Use high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and relevant keywords for your listings. After all, a well-optimized listing can improve conversions when users click on your ads.
  • Start with Sponsored Products. If you’re new to Amazon ads and are intimidated by advanced advertising tactics, it’s best to begin with Sponsored Products. They are a beginner-friendly option and can quickly boost product visibility. Focus on your best-selling or high-margin products to maximize returns.
  • Monitor Performance Regularly. Keep a close eye on your ad campaigns’ performance metrics. These metrics include click-through rates or CTR, conversion rates, and Advertising Cost of Sales or ACoS. Use this data to make informed decisions and optimize your campaigns.
  • Monitor Competitors. Here’s another Amazon marketing agency hack: track and observe your competitors’ products and ad strategies. Analyze their pricing, promotions, and ad placements to stay competitive.


The Lowdown


Success with Amazon marketing services often requires experimentation, analysis, and continuous optimization. Be bold, try different approaches and learn from the data to refine your campaigns and improve performance over time.



Carla Bauto Dena

Carla Bauto Deña is a journalist and content writer producing stories for traditional and digital media. She believes in empowering small businesses with the help of innovative solutions, such as e-commerce, digital marketing, and data analytics.

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