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Hiring an Amazon PPC management service is key to building winning campaigns that will bring you traffic and sales.

PPC Advertising is more than an automatic trial and error process.

It requires time, effort, and a team of PPC experts supporting your operation.

Running paid ads has a lot of benefits, especially in the Amazon marketplace. There, shoppers are not just browsing but are ready to make a purchase.

This bounty of first-rate eCommerce traffic is why many Amazon business owners want to give it a shot. It can be really tricky, though, especially if you’re working with a limited budget. Overconfidence can stunt business growth as dollar after dollar goes down the drain instead of back into the business.

Here’s a quick look at what you’re facing with Amazon advertising and PPC management:

Paid Ad Types

Amazon offers three paid ad formats:

#1 – Sponsored Products

Sponsored Product ads are available to all third-party sellers on the marketplace. These ads are for individual product listings, displayed to consumers as they shop.

They use keyword targeting to bid for placements above and within the search results and on product detail pages. They can appear on desktop and mobile devices and direct shoppers to the product page.

sponsored product Amazon PPC management

This is the most popular ad type because you have the greatest control over how you target shoppers. It’s the main weapon in your Amazon arsenal for boosting sales and product visibility.

An Amazon PPC management team can choose the best keywords for your ads strategy and how much you’ll bid for each click.

In tandem, they will guide the daily budget limit you set to manage your ad spend so you get the most for your money – generally, the highest number of sales for your ad spend.

Keyword selection and bidding strategy are the keys to effective Amazon PPC management.

#2 -Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brand ads, formerly known as Headline Search ads, are only available to vendors and sellers who are brand registered.

Their purpose is to generate brand awareness with featured placements of your brand logo and up to three products.

These ads are also keyword-targeted, pay-per-click ads. But they feature your brand logo with a custom headline alongside three product listings instead of just one.

For sellers, Sponsored Brand ads can direct shoppers to either a landing page with a range of your products or your Amazon Storefront page.

Vendors, eligible for Amazon Marketing Services, can also choose to redirect shoppers to any Amazon page that displays three or more of their products.

An Amazon PPC management agency/service will know how to choose the right product listings to feature for brand placement.

They can also determine which page you should send shoppers to, depending on your brand awareness goals.

#3 – Product Display Ads

Product Display Amazon PPC management

Product Display ads appear on product detail pages and can be targeted to a product, category, or shopper interest.

What is the purpose of these ads?

To divert customers from your product, and to send them to the advertiser’s product detail page for the win.

If you’re a seller, vulnerable to this type of hijacking, an Amazon PPC management team will know what data to look at to formulate a strategy that helps you snag the purchase despite these distractions.

If you’re a vendor, running Product Display ads, the Amazon PPC management team will know how to use your competitor’s pages to select the best targeting approach and structure your ads to effectively capture the attention of shoppers.

Watch this video to learn more:

Amazon PPC Management Basics

The following are the basic strategies that an Amazon PPC management team will use to structure and run campaigns to maximize your ad spend while increasing traffic to your listings and encouraging more sales.

Customer Intent and Relevance

Amazon PPC management gives you immediate access to the skills and experience required to properly analyze your product vis-à-vis your target customer.

It lends you an inside look into the world of pay-per-click advertising, revealing a key principle behind PPC success:  searcher’s intent.

Amazon search bar keyword suggestions

Searcher’s intent refers to the result that someone wants to see when they type keywords into a search engine. On Amazon, this means what product a customer on the marketplace is looking for.

By reverse-engineering this concept, an Amazon PPC management team determines what keywords and key phrases you need to focus on. In other words, they figure out what customers type into the Amazon search bar when they are looking for products that you sell.

Then they use the same to optimize your campaigns.

Keyword relevance is not a difficult concept for anyone to grasp – you basically think of words that best describe your products.

Factoring in the thought process of hundreds and thousands of other people, however, is not so easy. You can start with what you think is relevant, but you need experienced Amazon PPC management to understand your target customer and create your campaigns around how they think.

The Purchase Decision

Another key principle behind PPC success is the purchase decision. Amazon PPC management professionally navigates the turbulent waters that are the mind of the Amazon customer.

They can dive deep into how your target customers make purchase decisions without getting lost and gain valuable insights to use in formulating campaigns.

Because the Amazon customer is purchase-ready, you need an Amazon PPC management to make Amazon campaigns work.

Shoppers elsewhere on the web are not as likely to make a purchase as those on Amazon are. This requires a different approach than what you would use to attract Google searchers to your store, for instance.

Amazon PPC management will go straight to making a sale rather than educating a customer because the shopper on Amazon already knows what they want.

They go to Amazon because they are ready to buy it. The strategy here is to target higher positive click-through-rates while minimizing irrelevant clicks to boost ROI directly.

Use Keyword Tools

An Amazon PPC management team will use the most accurate tools for using the right keywords.

This means the tools that can fetch and serve the most accurate data on how valuable each keyword is at the current time. Because people change, shopping behavior also changes.

A keyword or keyphrase that is used a lot this month may or may not be a good one to focus on next month. But you won’t know that unless you know which keyword tools are accurate.

More than knowing what tools are dependable, Amazon PPC management also lends you the experience needed to identify trends and what they mean.

You can’t actually know a good phrase from a bad one in a month’s time, even with a great tool.

A PPC team that lives and breathes keywords, however, can spot gems and diamonds in the rough without having to play around too much or for too long. This saves you a lot of time and money while reducing opportunity costs and increasing ROI faster.

An Amazon PPC management team will, moreover, understand keyword tools at a level that it would take the average business owner months to learn – for each separate tool. At a glance, they can balance direct relevance with searcher’s intent as well as search volumes against the competition.

Optimize Product and Ad Text

Optimizing Amazon listings and ad copy is not a once-and-done task. Optimal campaigns always require constant monitoring, testing, and tweaking.

Your product listing text and backend should be under constant observation by a skilled set of eyes that can determine needed changes to get better results. They should also be brought in line with paid campaigns to support organic rankings and reduce ad spend.

As a seller, you don’t have the time to spend or the expertise needed for this.

An Amazon PPC management team will get the best bang for your buck r because they focus on running optimized campaigns.

They won’t miss things because they were doing something else and they won’t hit low points because they failed to adjust bids and keywords at the right times.

You should focus on big business goals, leaving the technical areas to the experts. Even if you have a huge advertising budget, you can still fail at PPC if you don’t allocate it properly because you don’t have the time or expertise.

The Benefits of Amazon PPC Management

All in all, Amazon PPC management will help increase visibility, brand awareness, and sales in a shorter period of time with less investment.

This eventually will help you target shoppers with strategic ad placements to get more clicks that result in sales.

Especially on Amazon, a top-level company known for continually implementing changes.

This is how you can get the best insight–all the way from what you need to target in the first place to how to get it done in the best way possible.

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