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You’ve likely heard about Amazon’s new customer engagement tool. It’s called ‘Manage Your Customer Engagement’. But what is it, exactly?

In short, it’s a chance for registered brands to increase their presence in the marketplace. This new program makes customer/follower interaction easier than ever. 

Now, you may wonder how it works, and if it’s a tool you need. Well, here’s everything you need to know about Amazon’s ‘Manage Your Customer Engagement.’ 

Connect with Customers

Great brands are all about customer loyalty, and long-term community. When a brand invests in its customers, they have a chance to turn them into followers

Amazon’s allowed customers to follow specific brands for some years. When a shopper follows a brand, they are eligible to receive product updates, special sales or launches. 

However, these updates were sent by Amazon, not the brand. Now, ‘Manage Your Customer Engagement’ lets registered brands establish a direct line to its followers, in order to: 

  • Increase product visibility
  • Market directly to brand followers
  • Establish customer brand loyalty

‘Manage Your Customer Engagement’ focuses on creating email campaigns. The program only supports new product launches for now. But Amazon plans to release new features and templates in the future.

How to Set Up Manage Your Customer Engagement

The new tool is available for Amazon registered brands, which feature an Amazon Store with followers. These are dedicated landing pages to showcase their brand and portfolio.

Once you set up a storefront, you can access ‘Manage Your Customer Engagement’ to set up email campaigns. The process requires five components: 

  1. Brand logo – Upload your logo with a JPG black-or-white background, or a PNG transparent background. It must also be in a 3:1 horizontal layout. 
  2. New-launch product – MYCE is designed to promote new items. Your listing should be a new item to the marketplace, available for sale in the last six months. 
  3. Supporting image – Select a high-quality picture, which tells how the product benefits customers. 
  4. Schedule time – Establish when you want the send out email campaign. You have a five-day period (Monday to Friday only) to do so. 
  5. Approval – Amazon will review the campaign and approve it within 72 hours.

‘Manage Your Customer Engagement’ allows sellers to access key performance metrics, such as open rates and total clicks. 

This way, brands can improve their connection with followers to build loyalty, boost sales and drive growth.

Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool: A Welcomed Change

Amazon is known for its strict guarding of customer data. Sellers can’t approach customers directly. They must use Amazon’s internal messaging system to do so. 

The retail giant will keep its customers information, of course. It will also keep reviewing the content brands share with buyers.

But ‘Manage Your Customer Engagement’ marks a huge change for the marketplace. Amazon’s new flexibility will expand its customer-centric approach to sellers. 

Plus, customers can still rest easy.

Sellers only get aggregate information, but any contact data remains private. Besides ‘Manage Your Customer Engagement’ is an opt-in service. 

Email campaigns are only delivered to the brand’s followers. So, it is the buyer who decides to follow and receive notifications. 

Improve the Customer’s Journey

Manage Your Customer Engagement’ is not the only feature brands can access to foster engagement. Amazon offers sellers many extra tools to boost customer loyalty. 

Here are some examples to consider:

Amazon Seller Feedback

The seller feedback system allows customers to rate your fulfillment skills, responsiveness and professionalism. It also evaluates how your content matches your actual products. 

Seller feedback rate is based on a five-star scale, which is displayed on your storefront. They way, shoppers can decide whether to buy from your store. 

There’s always a chance to get negative feedback. Luckily, Amazon gives you the opportunity to talk to customers and find ways to upgrade their satisfaction. 

In the end, great feedback is about providing great fulfillment and products. And it is a key to draw more customers to your products.

Content Optimization

Your store can’t make a difference unless it ranks well in Amazon Search. To increase visibility, you need to find the most relevant keywords to create successful content.

For example, include long-tail keywords in your product descriptions. You can also use target phrases in the title, backend and bullet points. 

A great copy also needs a great visual complement to set your products apart. So ensure your images tell how items benefit customers. 

Take your game further by creating A+ content. This will enhance your listings to boost ranking and drive conversions.

And remember to be clear, honest and transparent. If a product misleads, you will take the blame. 

Amazon Connect

This is another great tool to enhance your customer experience strategy. Connect is Amazon’s cloud-based contact center. It is designed for brands to provide stellar customer service. 

Amazon connect works with a single User Interface (UI). That means customer data is shared in real-time to deliver fast, tailored solutions.  

That means Connect can create natural voice or chat experiences. Thanks to its machine learning features, Connect can reply to inquiries by searching for the most accurate response.

But if customers need extra help, you can set up Connect agents to engage with customers. Connect’s AI capabilities can analyze the contact’s problem. 

That way, the contact center matches them with the best-suited agent to deliver fast, tailored solutions. 

Final Thoughts

‘Manage Your Customer Engagement’ helps brands establish meaningful interactions with their most loyal customers. This greater connection will increase visibility, and foster growth for brands. 

Amazon’s new customer engagement tool is a direct gateway to delight customers. It’s a resource you should investigate to build your reputation. 

After all, earning the shopper’s loyalty should be one of your main goals in the marketplace. 

The more involved you are with your consumers’ journeys, the more you will sell! 


Esteban Muñoz is an SEO copywriter at AMZ Advisers, with several years’ experience in digital marketing and e-commerce. Esteban and the AMZ Advisers team have been able to achieve incredible growth on the Amazon platform for their clients by optimizing and managing their accounts and creating in-depth content marketing strategies.

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