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Creating a Sales Funnel for Amazon

Creating a Sales Funnel for Amazon

Marketing campaigns through Amazon can drive additional traffic to your listings and hopefully increase conversions. A more powerful way to advertise to your product on Amazon – or any ecommerce platform for that matter – would be to create a sales funnel. Being 100% reliant on the Amazon platform for sales is not a winning strategy and can set you up for hardship in the future. By creating a sales funnel for Amazon you can find potentially interested customers to purchase your product and continue to target them in the future.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is what many ecommerce companies and service oriented companies use to attract potential customers and turn them into consumers. Many companies use the image of an upside down pyramid separated into different parts to represent it. The top of the upside down pyramid (essentially the base) is all your marketing efforts to find potential customers that may be interested in your product. As customers enter the funnel they are funneled into the middle of the pyramid where the sales process occurs. This is where the customer learns more about your product and decides if this is something that will make their life easier or better. Finally, at the bottom of the upside down pyramid, you have your customers who actually decided to purchase.

Why are Sales Funnels Important?

Sales funnels are important as they provide a few different benefits to a seller. One of the benefits is that a sales funnel can be used to drive traffic to your listing. The depth of many of the categories on Amazon can make it very difficult for your product to show up on search results pages, particularly in competitive markets. Utilizing a sales funnel strategy can be a great way to get your product in front of potential customers, start converting sales and move up the Amazon rankings organically.

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Another great benefit of a sales funnel is building a target audience. A good sales funnel allows a seller to collect email addresses of their potential customers through an opt-in page. You can use these emails to create target audiences on many advertising platforms and find more potential customers just like this. The emails can also be used in email marketing campaigns to let customers know of new products you may be rolling out, discounts you are offering or possibly to retarget them for the original product.

How to Create a Sales Funnel?

The most effective way to create a sales funnel is through utilizing social media advertising. Use social media platforms to market to potential customers and to grow your product or brand awareness. Make sure your advertisement has some benefit to the potential customer that will entice them to click. As potential customers begin to click on your advertisement they will need to be redirected to an email opt-in page. Many social media platforms will not allow you to link directly to Amazon and will need to go through a landing page or your website first. Once they opt-in to receive the benefit that was advertised to them, they can be redirected to learn more about the product or redirected to the Amazon page to purchase the product.

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MikeCreating a Sales Funnel for Amazon
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