What Will Shoppers Buy During the Easter Sale?

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The Easter sale is an event that every Amazon seller should look forward to. This yearly event represents a unique chance for brands to boost sales, increase traffic and gain new loyal customers.

But of course, making the most out of the  Amazon Easter sale 2023 takes a strong sales strategy. That’s why today, we’ll tell you some of the key products that will dominate the marketplace this Easter.


What is the Amazon Easter Sale?


The name is pretty self-explanatory, but let’s clarify. The Amazon Easter Sale is an Amazon annual event that takes place during this holiday.

Amazon will offer discounts on a wide range of products across the platform. The event is available for both Amazon Prime members and non-members, and it usually lasts a whole week.

Amazon already announced its 2023 Easter sale. The same goes for retailers like Walmart and Best Buy. Such brands are pulling all stops to ensure they offer the best deals and products to customers.

The Walmart Easter sale will undoubtedly offer exciting discounts for Easter decorations, gift baskets, toys, and Easter-themed apparel and toys.

On the other hand, the Best Buy Easter sale will feature  top-notch offers on electronic devices.

But Amazon is still at the top of eCommerce Sales! There’ll be more traffic coming into the platform during the Easter sale. So, sellers have a unique opportunity to drive sales, and attract new customers.


What to Sell on Easter


Here’s the rub: what will shoppers buy during the Easter sale? Let’s review some of the most popular products for the holiday. 


Easter Eggs and Chocolate Treats


No Easter celebration is complete without Easter eggs and chocolate treats. Customers expect to find a huge selection of Easter treats from their favorite brands. So help them find something that’ll appeal to their taste buds. And yes, you should set those offers up with some irresistible, tasty discounts.

Easter baskets


If you’re looking to make your Easter celebrations extra festive this year, why not invest in some Easter baskets and decorations? 

Amazon has a fantastic selection of Easter-themed decorations, from cute bunny figurines to colorful egg garlands. And if you’re looking for the perfect Easter basket, Amazon has plenty of options to choose from, including pre-made baskets filled with goodies or empty baskets that you can fill yourself.

Spring Fashion


Easter is a great time to help customers refresh their outfits and get ready to rock a new Spring style. 

Try showcasing some flowy floral dresses or trendy pastel-colored tops. You’ll surely attract a shopper who wants to look and feel their best by wearing your clothing. 

Garden Supplies


Amazon offers thousands of gardening products for customers. This may be a go-to category in Easter. Many Easter-themed parties, for example, take place in backyards or lawns. 

Some shoppers will likely buy new products to keep their plants as green as possible. Sellers offering seeds, planters and gardening tools are sure to make a steal this Easter sale.


Home Decor


Some Amazon customers may plan to host an Easter party. Or perhaps they wish to spruce up their  home for the season. As a seller, you should offer a fantastic selection of home decor items for them. 

From colorful table runners and napkins to flowered throw pillows, make sure that your Amazon Store has everything that customers might need this Easter.


A Few Extra Tips


It takes more than just selling products that people want in order to succeed during Easter. Sellers also need to present their offers in the most appealing way to customers. Here are some tips that you should follow to make your Amazon marketing strategy blossom:


Plan ahead


Don’t try to master Easter sales in a few hours. That would only be stressful and inefficient. Instead, take the time to work on a strong content schedule. 

Start by preparing your product listings and ads well in advance.This will give you time to create a compelling content strategy and target the right audience.

It’s also important to focus on mobile sales. Over 50% of all eCommerce purchases during the 2022 holiday season were made using a smartphone. So, if you want to increase your chances of turning users into customers, you have to make your store as mobile-friendly as possible. 

We recommend optimizing your website and user experience for mobile devices:

  • Make sure all buttons are large enough for easy tapping
  • Use simple language in descriptions (no jargon!)
  • Include high-quality images
  • Test responsiveness to make sure that the store can be appreciated from any device


Review Website Policies


Before you start optimizing your site, it’s important to make sure that all of your policies are up to date. For example, ensure that all applicable laws and regulations are being followed. Also, make sure that customer data is secured and protected.


Test your links (more than once)


Sometimes, one broken link is all it takes for a lead to  jump right into the next store. Broken links take people’s time. 

In a worst-case scenario, this could turn into a highly frustrating circumstance. So it’s best to avoid broken links at all.

Test all your links not once, but many different times and from different browsers. In doing so, you’ll keep a healthy conversion rate during the Easter sale.


Final Thoughts


Now that you have some ideas and products, it’s time to start planning your Amazon Easter sale. 

And if you are looking for innovative ways to drive traffic to your Amazon store, don’t forget to contact us. 

Our team at AMZ Advisers is fully prepared to help you devise unique selling strategies for the upcoming Amazon Holidays.



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