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Amazon’s advertising sector is growing by 19%. The eCommerce giant is always finding new ways to increase awareness and sales for brands. And it should be no surprise that Amazon is expanding to audio ads.

Why is that? Over 400 million people globally used music streaming services in 2022, and Amazon Music is the fourth-largest. 

Amazon Music isn’t the only audio product that the e-commerce giant offers. Alexa, Amazon’s voice-based cloud service, supports over 100,000 smart home devices in the U.S. Audio ads power all these products and more.

But how can your business take advantage of Amazon audio ads? Here’s how to create high-quality audio ads on Amazon.


What Are Amazon Audio Ads?


Amazon ads play between audio content, almost like radio or TV ads. They’re usually between 10 and 30 seconds long and can appear on a number of different platforms. While Amazon Music and Alexa are common examples, you can also see video ads on Amazon on any Echo device, which includes FireTV, Android, and iOS.

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Don’t think you need to sell products on Amazon or even be an eCommerce company to use Amazon audio ads. This service is open to all businesses, which is a huge benefit if you want to access Amazon marketing but don’t sell any products on the marketplace.

There are a couple of downsides to Amazon audio ads, though. You can’t choose your slot preference or feature ads on specific platforms. While you only pay on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis, your campaign must be worth at least $15,000/month. Most businesses have a minimum budget of $25,000/month.


Why Should You Invest in Amazon Audio Ads


Amazon has one of the most sophisticated audio platforms. 8.2 million people own Amazon Echo, and Amazon Music has 82.2 million subscribers. 

Plus, music streaming has a CAGR of 13.8% between 2023 and 2033. But music isn’t the only type of audio media that users are consuming. 176 million Americans listen to podcasts every week!

For those who remember the radio days, users would flip through the channels whenever commercials would come on. Do Amazon audio ads have the same problem? Unlike radio ads, audio ad completion rates are 91%, making this advertising more effective.


Where Do Amazon Audio Ads Appear?


Since Amazon audio ads appear on any Echo-enabled device, where exactly can users hear your Amazon audio ads?

Since we mentioned Echo, it’s important first to discuss Alexa ads. Amazon plays these ads in numerous ways. For example, if users ask Alexa a question, Amazon will play an ad before the user hears their answer.

Subscribers can also hear ads on Amazon Music, whether or not they use Echo. Ads play between songs, similar to radio or Spotify. While Prime members don’t hear ads, those who use the free Amazon Music subscription will.

And anyone who uses Echo home streaming services will see OTT ads on various platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Tubi, and Hulu.


How to Make Great Amazon Audio Ads


Are you convinced that your business needs to invest in audio ads? First, you must ensure your ads will improve brand awareness and convert leads. 

Here are some tips when advertising and marketing on Amazon with audio.


Promote Without Being Salesy


Even though Amazon audio ads have better completion rates than many types of advertising, it doesn’t mean people like ads. 34.2% of people in the U.S. use an ad blocker, meaning many still find ads intrusive and annoying.

How do you ensure your ad converts? Find a balance between promoting your business and products/services without being salesy. Most businesses focus on aspects that benefit the customer, such as mentioning any exclusive offers.


Write an Effective Script


Write a compelling script to make listeners pay attention to your message. The key to this is to write for your audience. For example, 54% of Brits in the 55-64 age range use a smart speaker. If you’re a business targeting British Echo users, it’s best to target this age group in your advertising.

Regardless of the audience you’re targeting, always use simple and short sentences. Focus on one core concept in each ad.


Know What to Avoid


Amazon won’t play your ad if it contains provocative, suggestive, and/or offensive language. But there are other best practices to avoid.

For example, you’ll only want to have one speaker per ad. Too many voices will muddle the ad, confusing your listeners. Hire a voice actor experienced in recording audio ads since they must speak coherently. Your audience may not grasp your message if the voice actor speaks too quickly. 

Focus on one theme or CTA in the ad. Your listeners will be less likely to act if you have too many messages.

You’ll also want to avoid excessive sound effects or background music (except if your ad is a song jingle). If you want to use sound effects, use them sparingly. An example is a bell or a whistle before your CTA to get your audience to pay attention.


Use High-Quality Recording Equipment


Always record your audio on professional recording equipment. This ensures the sound is clear and crisp with little feedback.

While it’s best to hire Amazon marketing services to make your audio ads, businesses can DIY their advertising efforts by investing in a decent microphone, a skilled voice actor, and recording/editing software.

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Make Transitions Smooth


Since audio ads play between music, movies, TV, and queries on Alexa, you’ll need to edit the ad to smooth the transition between the media. The key is knowing the right transitions for media and music advertising.

For example, avoid long pauses. Keep your ad short and put all emphasis on the CTA. Avoid lengthy dialogues and apologies for interrupting.


Uploading Your Amazon Ads


Now that you have your Amazon ad, how do you get it on Amazon? This takes specific steps.


Contact an Account Executive


Unlike most platforms, where you simply upload the ad and make it live, you’ll need to contact an account executive on Amazon first. 

Your account executive will be a major asset to your campaign since they will help you optimize, plan, and launch your ads. They will also gauge your marketing goals and budget to create a campaign where you see results while improving your ROAS.

Before contacting an account executive, Amazon will need some information from you. This includes your budget and the country you’re targeting. You’ll also need to provide your company contact details.


Include a Companion Banner


In addition to the audio ad, you’ll need to include a banner. This is important since your ads will also run via OTT. Your banner must be a JPG sized 1024 x 1024 and no bigger than 750 KB. 

You can’t make the banner look clickable, such as underlining words. If your banner includes a headline, it’s limited to 19 characters. You can include a URL with a CTA, but it must be compact. Always use a font that’s clear to read.

Once your Amazon account executive approves your audio ad and banner, you can expect your ad to go live within three business days.


Do You Need Help With Amazon Advertising?


Amazon audio ads are a great way to build brand awareness and increase sales, especially since thousands worldwide use Echo and Amazon Music. However, advertising on Amazon can be difficult, especially if you run an eCommerce business.

This is where we come in. AMZ Advisers can build a full-scale e-commerce strategy for your business, which includes Amazon advertising solutions. This will help you increase sales while staying ahead of the competition.

Click here to learn more about our services.



Stephanie Jensen
Stephanie Jensen

Stephanie Jensen has been writing e-commerce content for seven years, and her copy has helped numerous stores rank on Amazon. Follow her on LinkedIn for more insight into freelance writing and creating high-quality content.

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