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All sellers should make the most of the Amazon advertising solutions to improve brand visibility and increase profitability. An effective way to achieve such objectives is to launch an advertising campaign with the help of Amazon Ads.

In this article, we will introduce Amazon Ads and the benefits they can contribute to your business. We will also explore the different types of Amazon advertising solutions you can use depending on your marketing needs.


What are Amazon Advertising Solutions?


Amazon Ads is a service that the eCommerce giant offers. It involves using its very own advertising solutions. These advertising solutions offer sellers various advertising options to help them achieve their goals and address specific business needs.

Amazon ads is distinct from the ad services provided by third-party agencies intended to enhance ad content. The service is designed to help registered sellers, vendors, KDP authors, app developers, and agencies connect with the right audiences, both on and off the marketplace.


Types of Amazon Ads


Amazon offers multiple advertising products and formats to assist you in reaching more customers worldwide.

To help you achieve your advertising goals, you can choose from the following Amazon advertising solutions:


Sponsored Products


Sponsored Products are cost-per-click (CPC) ads that appear within search results or on product detail pages. This type of advertising solution helps promote individual products and redirects shoppers to the product detail page.

The main goal of such ads is to help Amazon shoppers elevate product discoverability and improve the efficiency of selling your products.


Sponsored Brands


Sponsored Brands, otherwise known as Headline Search Ads, are ideal for sellers looking to improve brand discovery and consideration through static and video brand creatives.

Through Sponsored Brands, sellers can showcase their brand logo, preferred custom headline, and a selection of products. This type of Amazon ad typically appears at the top portion of relevant Amazon shopping results.


Sponsored Display


This ad type is a self-service display advertising solution ideal for business owners. The main goal of Sponsored Display is to allow shoppers to discover your brand, check your product listings, and ultimately make a purchase.

Sponsored Display ads can be showcased on and off Amazon, including apps within Amazon’s advertising network. This Amazon advertising solution is currently available in 15 countries around the globe.


Amazon Stores


Another Amazon feature that can help you highlight your brand is Amazon Stores. Creating an Amazon storefront means providing shoppers with a multi-page platform, allowing them to browse and purchase all your products conveniently.

Amazon Stores offer an immersive shopping experience for consumers. Thus, it helps to strengthen your brand presence on Amazon.


Amazon Video Ads


The reputation of Amazon extends beyond the sale of physical products. Amazon likewise has digital products and platforms you can leverage for your online business.

Sellers can utilize Streaming TV (STV) and online video ads to effortlessly share their brand message among unique and relevant audiences.

Through Amazon video ads, you can easily reach more customers on platforms where they usually stream and browse. Your ads will be showcased on platforms such as Freevee, Twitch, Thursday Night Football, top TV and network broadcaster apps, and Fire TV channels.


Amazon Audio Ads


Like video ads, you can further expand your advertising campaign via Amazon Audio Ads. Your audio ad is a form of a non-skippable 10-30 second ad, which will be broadcasted across first-party and third-party streaming audio services, including on Alexa-enabled devices.


Amazon DSP


Amazon DSP is another Amazon advertising solution that helps you drive more traffic to your Amazon listings. DSP, or Demand-Side Platform, provides automated, centralized media buying from multiple sources.

Amazon DSP allows you to programmatically purchase ads, such as audio ads, display ads, and video ads. This can help you extend your reach on and off the marketplace.


Benefits of Using Amazon Advertising Services


Besides driving customer traffic and increasing discoverability, Amazon Ads offers more significant benefits to Amazon sellers. Using these creative advertising solutions allows you to capitalize on the following advantages:


Multiple Advertising Options on One Platform


Advertising on Amazon provides diverse marketing options in a single platform. It serves as your one-stop shop for Amazon advertising solutions.

These digital advertising solutions vary depending on your goals. As we mentioned, some of the popular options include Amazon Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Products.

You can streamline the setup and implementation of your ad campaigns in a single platform. Instead of setting up multiple campaigns on third-party advertising platforms, Amazon Ads helps save you valuable time and effort.


Proven Impact on Your Business


Amazon Ads has been proven to increase the conversion rates of its users. Sellers who have tried using Amazon advertising solutions have expressed satisfaction with their ad campaigns using Amazon Ads.

For example, advertisers who have used Sponsored Brands’ custom images and Amazon Store spotlight experienced an increase in conversion rate to almost 58%. Similarly, Amazon sellers running Sponsored Products campaigns for 12 months saw an average 1.2% higher return on ad spend (ROAS).


Enhanced Customer Loyalty


Go beyond boosting conversion rates. Amazon ads can also foster customer loyalty, resulting in repeated purchases. You can effectively re-engage targeted audiences in relevant contexts by leveraging Amazon’s proprietary advertising solutions.

Amazon Ads also facilitate brand loyalty by enabling brands to craft personalized ads that establish meaningful connections, transcending generic transactional relationships.


Build Brand Awareness


Amazon Ads offers features that allow sellers to customize their ads, enabling them to design impactful campaigns that resonate with shoppers. By harnessing the power of Amazon Ads, you can swiftly shape consumers’ perceptions and familiarity with your brand.


Optimized Ads on Different Types of Devices


One of the common challenges of creating ad campaigns is the need to optimize them for various devices. In most cases, it entails multiple setups and adjustments to ensure the ads are accurately displayed across different formats:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktop computers

On the other hand, Amazon’s advertising solutions are seamlessly integrated into its platform, eliminating the need for extensive adjustments. Therefore, it allows sellers to create ads compatible with multiple devices and frees them from customizing their ads repeatedly.


Ease of Use


The simplicity of Amazon’s ad solutions is a key factor that attracts many sellers. Even those brands without prior advertising experience can effectively leverage Amazon Ads to their benefit.

In addition to its simplicity, Amazon offers an accessible knowledge base and e-learning courses to empower sellers in further optimizing their Amazon Ads campaigns.


Reliable Insights & Planning Solutions


Another reason why sellers place their confidence in Amazon Ads is because of the reliable data and planning solutions it offers.

The Amazon Ads Insights and Media Planning helps you effectively map out ways to reach and engage audiences through relevant channels. It also enables you to refine your advertising campaigns and make data-driven decisions, ultimately leading to favorable business results.


Cost Control


Advertisers and sellers prefer Amazon Ads as it allows them to manage and regulate the cost of their advertising campaign.

In particular, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands use CPC that helps you determine how much you will have to pay for the campaign ads you will launch. The cost of the CPC campaign is based on the clicks of customers.


Efficient Tracking


Another advantage of using Amazon Ads is the quick and efficient tracking of your campaigns. You gain streamlined access to precise performance metrics by utilizing Amazon’s proprietary advertising solutions.

Consequently, it gives you more precise data that can help you make necessary adjustments to your advertising campaigns.


Getting Started with Amazon Ads


Amazon advertising solutions presents sellers with unique benefits to their business. However, the main goal of Amazon Ads is to help you build your brand, drive sales, facilitate customer satisfaction, and foster growth.

In order to have an effective advertising on amazon, it is necessary to first identify your goal. You should assess whether you seek to raise awareness, drive consideration, encourage conversions, or promote customer loyalty.

If you are new to Amazon Ads, it is best to start with Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, since they  are designed to be user-friendly. They are also very adaptable to different seller levels and can accommodate various budgets.

On the other hand, if you are more experienced with advertising and intend to go beyond Amazon, Sponsored Display, Video Ads, Audio Ads, and Amazon DSP are good starting points for your Amazon advertising strategy.

Understanding your business objectives will guide you in selecting the appropriate Amazon advertising solution for your Amazon business.

It is worth emphasizing that achieving overall business success goes beyond just advertising. You should also consider other aspects of the business, such as content services. This includes listing optimization, inventory management, excellent customer service, and using a reliable Amazon repricer for an optimized pricing strategy.



Junel Ayala is a writer at Seller Snap. Over the past years, he has been engaged in project management, SEO content writing, and local SEO marketing for various firms in the United States and Europe.

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