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Do you invest in your organic growth strategy? You should, given that such tactics can provide you with a significant visibility boost on Amazon. 

There are many reasons why sellers choose Amazon as their marketplace of choice. For starters, the retail giant’s conversion rates are 10%-15%. This figure surpasses that of any other eCommerce platform. Plus, it increases to 74% when selling on Amazon Prime. 

Amazon provides sellers with many services designed to boost brand visibility and improve your SERP performance. But even if you don’t rely on Prime or Amazon Ads, there are other strategies available. For example, implementing an organic growth strategy. 


Organic vs. Inorganic Growth


Before we cover combining organic marketing with Amazon ads, let’s examine the differences between both and what these tactics can offer.


Amazon Advertising Strategy


When you invest in ads, you’re paying Amazon to drive the visibility of your listings. A paid ads strategy can have many goals. For example, attract new shoppers, retarget existing customers, or drive more leads down the sales funnel. You can also create ads to promote sales and raise brand awareness. 

When you pay for ads, Amazon will display your content immediately. This means you can hit your advertising goals faster than with an organic growth strategy.

In some cases, you may see results in almost 24 hours. But this depends on the competition and how many sellers bid on the same advertising tactics. This is why you’ll need to create a concrete Amazon advertising strategy, which we will explain later.

There are different ways to create ads that will accomplish these goals. For example: 

Amazon offers different ad placement options. You can create native ads that blend with organic product listings, or you can create banner or video ads that stand out. 

No matter what type of ad you create, you should always use high-quality visuals and write compelling copy to increase your click-through rate (CTR).


Amazon Organic Growth Strategy


What is organic growth? Organic marketing is any promotional strategy done without monetary cost. This usually includes all efforts you make to your listings to rank higher on Amazon.

Organic marketing aims to nurture leads and create a connection with them. Other important goals include:  

  • Sharing informative content and establishing branding 
  • Offering customer service on your listings (such as an FAQ section)
  • Targeting different stages of the buyer’s journey

In 2022, Amazon had over 197 million monthly app users, so you’ll still attract lots of leads by only using an organic strategy.

But there is a downside to organic marketing: it takes longer to see results. This is why many sellers prefer to combine an Amazon organic and paid strategy.


How to Combine a Paid and Organic Amazon Strategy


Many Amazon sellers invest in ads while using an organic growth strategy to generate results from both strategies. Here’s how to best combine these tactics to drive more leads.


Boost Your Best Listings


You already created listings that will convert leads to customers. Why not push it further? One of the easiest ways to invest in a paid strategy is to boost existing product listings. 

New sellers love sponsored products because it has low risk. You only pay when a user clicks your ad, so you spend no money upfront.

We recommend that you sponsor the listings that have generated sales organically. This content already resonated with your audience, making it likelier that it will convert new leads.


Use Organic Marketing to Know Your Audience


Since organic tactics entice your audience, you’ll gain more insight into your target market and who is likely to become a customer. Amazon offers Demographics Reports so you know basic information about your customers, such as:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests

You can also use this data to identify your pain points and how your products act as a solution. Many sellers create a customer persona with this data; a fictional representation of your average customer.

With such intel. you’ll best learn how to craft the right advertising content to convert leads.


Use A/B Testing


Before spending your ad dollars, sellers can apply A/B testing to organic content. A/B testing is a popular advertising tactic to compare the performance of two ads. 

In 2022, Amazon introduced the A/B testing feature to compare the performance of two listings. The service divides both listings to share to different customers. Merchants can then review the results in the Manage Your Experiments section of Seller Central.

Experiment with different copywriting, change your CTA, and add different visuals. When you discover which listing performs best, use your ad budget to push that listing to a wider audience. This way, you generate leads while saving money.


Remarket Existing Leads


Let’s say a customer is searching for a product and feels your offer is the best match. They may add your product to their shopping list, but perhaps they aren’t ready to purchase it.

How can you expedite the sales process? Amazon offers remarketing ads to continue engaging with leads who have already interacted with your company. For example, you can invest in sponsored products to keep costs low while keeping your brand fresh in your leads’ minds.

Amazon also recommends different strategies to reduce shopping cart abandonment, and how to remarket your brand to consumers who have left your items in their cart.


Combine Your Amazon Advertising and Organic Growth Strategy


You’re probably asking yourself: “Should I invest in a marketing strategy or advertising for Amazon?” Why not both? 

Instead of choosing between Amazon ads or an organic growth strategy, you can combine both and maximize results. At the same time, you’ll reduce your ad spend! 

We recommend that you first invest in organic tactics when creating a listing. You can also remarket your ads to consumers who interacted with your brand organically. And always remember to use A/B testing to know which content works best for you.

Do you need help with your Amazon marketing and advertising strategies? We offer a full-service Amazon suite to promote your store on different channels. Learn more about our services today.



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