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Amazon Moments

Amazon Moments is a way to get your customers more engaged with your brand by offering digital and physical rewards. All your buyers have to do is perform specific actions in your websites, games or apps.

In this article, we are going to show you how to reach a wider audience and reward their loyalty with Amazon Moments.

About Amazon Moments

Moments is a service created to increase the actions that your audience can carry out online. The way it works is by eliciting users to complete specific actions. These will help you reach your marketing goals and boost your sales.

When users perform the action, they are rewarded with a physical or digital item.

Moments API is compatible with Android, Fire OS, iOS apps, and websites. The rewards are products sold and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), which means you can send rewards to 100 countries.

How Amazon Moments Works


Image: Amazon Moments

Launching a Moments campaign involves three main steps:

  1. Set the moment. This means the action you want your users to complete and the reward they will get.
  2. Users’ engagement. A customer takes action in your website or app.
  3. Amazon delivers. The reward you picked is fulfilled and delivered by Amazon.

Sellers have the option of using the Moments console to specify when, where, and how the Moments will appear for users and their reward.

Your rewards can be delivered to all countries that are part of the Amazon Global program.

It’s important to mention that all users who win a reward must have an Amazon account to redeem them. Once a customer is eligible for a reward, they will receive a redemption email or go to a redemption page where they can create an Amazon account in case, they don’t have one.

Then, they’ll be sent to your brand’s Moments page where they can enter the redemption code.


How to Choose your Rewards

Customers will only be able to select rewards you designate through the Moments Console.

Think about your client base when deciding on rewards.

What is more appealing to your audience? Offering a tempting reward will definitely improve the results of your campaign, and therefore, your ROI!

There are basically two types of rewards:

1. Discounts on selected products within a category

2. Free items. (You can select up to five free products or one discounted category per campaign.)

Things to know when choosing a reward:

  • A free physical reward usually has a better response than simply giving Amazon credit. It feels more like a prize.
  • There are better conversion rates in campaigns that give a full reward instead of discounts. A customer would prefer a $20 cap for free than a discount of $20 for a $40-dollar cap.
  • Don’t forget about A/B testing to have a clear idea of which rewards would work best for your customers. Electronics, toys and Amazon credit are among the most popular ones.
  • Rewards have an expiration date set automatically at 30 days after the campaign date.
  • In the rare event a reward goes out of stock, Amazon will provide an alternative of similar value.

Amazon Moments Best Practices


Amazon Moments can be helpful to reach specific goals that you set in your campaigns; you just need to pay attention to your metrics. For example, you can use Amazon Moments to increase payer conversion rate, retention, or participation in an event.

There are three ways in which you can test your campaign, depending on the goal you have.

  • Retarget payers – Highlight a reward for new features, new content, and/or buying an IAP on sale. You can promote the reward via email or notifications.
  • Get a better conversion – Pick a reward depending on the app you have. For example, if your app requires a subscription, give your users a little push to upgrade from the free trial to basic subscription with a physical or digital product that is equal to a month’s subscription or even greater in value! IAP apps can offer rewards for purchases of items with a higher price. This way, you can introduce customers that already buy from you to new premium products.
  • Engage users– Focus on interesting experiences like difficult levels, adoption of new features or limited time events and offer a reward for users to take action.

user and redemption messages

Image: Amazon Moments

Also, it is worth considering using high-quality images. Get a specialized, Amazon product photography agency to get the best results and ensure conversions.

Amazon Moments Pricing

Amazon Moments API takes care of reward fulfillment and shipping while providing the end user an easy and quick way to redeem rewards and there is a cost to using the program. It works as a CPA model (cost per action model) where pricing is based on volume.

The total budget limit per monthly campaign is $5,000 USD and there’s a $15,000 USD limit for each Moments account. You can increase the spending limit by contacting the Amazon support team.

The price of rewards will depend on the selling price history on Amazon, which vary due to different factors. The final CPA considers the price of the reward, as well as taxes, shipping, and margin. This means most reward products will be very close to Amazon’s selling price of the same item.

When setting the CPA for your campaign, Amazon recommends to also include taxes to make the user’s experience smoother. For example, if your reward is valued at $25, then set the CPA as $27.50 to make sure you’re taking care of taxes too. All the customer will see is a $27.50 credit in their shopping cart.

It’s recommended to set a CPA lower than the lifetime value (LTV) of the customer segment. Your CPA can also depend on the goal of your campaign.

Amazon suggests the following:

    – To boost payer conversion, set a CPA that is 25% of the LTV

    – If. you want to have a high engagement, set a CPA of $10 or greater

   – For more new installs, set a CPA of $3 to $5


Amazon Moments User Guide

If you want to know more about Amazon Moments, access its User Guide and choose from the following topics: 

  • Overview
  • About this Guide
  • About Moments
  • Get Started with Campaigns
  • FAQ
  • Glossary
  • Rewards APIs
  • Moments Configuration
  • Actions and Rewards
  • Select the Actions
  • Select the Rewards
  • Create User Messages
  • Test the Campaign



Amazon Moments FAQs

Using Amazon logos. Is it possible?

There is a “Delivered Through Amazon” badge that you can use when promoting your rewards for your Amazon Moments campaign.

What support can I get for customer service?

If there are any issues after a customer has clicked on the reward link, they can contact Amazon Customer Support. Any other issue before clicking on the link, depends on your customer support, since you’re the one with access to what happens on your app or site.

Can trademarked rewards be promoted in my Amazon Moments campaign?

Yes, as long as you use the detail page images used on Amazon for the same product. Just make sure to follow these requirements:

1. Online only. Avoid using the trademark in printed materials.

2. Link it to Amazon one way or another, like having the reward fulfilled by Amazon.

3. Images cannot be altered at all

4. Sponsorships or endorsements are not allowed. Amazon can request that you cease using any item at its sole discretion.

Can rewards be returned?

As long as it happens within the campaign period, yes, customers are eligible for refunds. If they get a physical reward, they will receive Amazon credit. If it’s a discount reward, then customers will get Amazon credit for a specific category. Once the campaign is over, there will be no refunds in case of a return.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Moments allows you to create targeted campaigns and reward your buyers with a range of physical and digital items while tracking actions in real time.

All you have to do is use the Moments Console to choose the date, product or reward package you’d like to offer. Your reward landing page and promotional messages can be customized to offer users the full experience. Use messages, social media posts and notifications to challenge customers to perform specific activities on your site or app.

Moments is a great way to show your customers you care about them while making extra profit.

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