How to Pick the Best Amazon FBA Coach for You

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Think of an Amazon FBA coach as a trainer that will prepare you to compete at your highest level. With their help, sellers can get a better grip on the inner workings of Amazon.

But choosing the right coach is tricky. You’ll find many claimants to the title, offering mentoring services to Amazon brands. But how can you separate the true experts from the snake oil salesmen?

Plus, there’s also the matter of costs, results, and knowing what an Amazon FBA coach actually does. Luckily, we set out to find the answers you seek.


What is an Amazon FBA Coach?


This individual already knows the ins and outs of FBA. Chances are they have or have had an Amazon store of their own.

So, an Amazon FBA coach can help you make strategic decisions that will attract users and drive sales. For example:

  • Marketing strategies. Help find the best niche audience for your offers. Then, you can set up an ad campaign that attracts and drives conversions.
  • Product research. Offer a better grasp on upcoming product trends. Thus, you can plan ahead and source for trending items with high market demand, but with low competition rates.

A mentor can shed a light on almost every aspect of your Amazon business. They have the knowledge and experience to help you increase revenue.

But an Amazon FBA coach will not only teach you how to sell, they can also guide your long-term growth on Amazon.


About Amazon FBA


You’ve learned many things about Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) by now. We won’t make an in-depth analysis here, but it’s important to remember the basics before moving on.

FBA is an alternative for third-party sellers to rely on Amazon’s logistical capabilities. When using Amazon FBA, brands take care of the following:

Amazon then takes care of the following perks for a monthly fee:

In short, FBA allows sellers to pass the logistics ball to Amazon. Then, brands can focus on improving their reach and sales.

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Is it Profitable to Do Amazon FBA?


Sellers must pay a $39.99 monthly fee to enroll in Amazon FBA. But this is not the only road to big eCommerce sales.

In fact, there’s no reason why you can’t succeed as an Amazon FBM seller. That begs the question, is Amazon FBA worth it? We think it is. 

Last year, Amazon made over $514 billion in revenue, according to Jungle Scout. Almost a quarter of said profits came from 3P sellers, most of which use FBA services.

Now, is everyone successful on Amazon FBA? No, but with some time and effort, you can become a top FBA brand. Plus, you can always speed things up with some help.


What Should I Look for in an Amazon Coach?


So, do you need a coach for Amazon FBA? No! You can learn most of the inner workings yourself. Plus, you can rely on many free resources to learn on-the-go.

It’s not wrong to take a short cut, however. This is especially true when said help can offer unique knowledge and experience about Amazon.

That’s where an Amazon FBA coach may help out. But before you search for a mentor, ask yourself why you need one.

Are you looking to open an Amazon store? Do you want to set up a side-hustle? What about widening your sales reach?

Your motivations will clarify your goals, which will help you find the best Amazon FBA coach for you. Plus, having clear goals can help a mentor map out a strategy that suits your business needs.

Once you define your objectives, you can start looking for a proper coach. To do so, makes sure to check the following:




As we said, sellers will have now problem learning how Amazon FBA works. So, more than finding an “FBA expert”, it’s best to look into a mentor’s success rate.

Check how many sellers relied on a mentor to drive their business to the next level. Also, see how much experience they have mentoring within your market niche.

Past users will attest to the mentor’s credentials, and tell you what makes a certain expert worth looking into.




Check the numbers. A mentor must go beyond strategy, they also need to prove their worth with tangible results.

A good Amazon FBA mentor will have experience that showcases how they were able to help a business. For example: improved profit margins, reduced delivery times, and so on.




If possible, check if the coach offers a trial period. This will help you assess their skills, and it’ll show if the two of you can work together.

You’ll be going into a mentorship. But remember, it’s also a business relationship. Coaching and personality are only one side of the coin.

It’s also important to know that there will be trust among you, and that you’ll share a common goal.


3 Types of Amazon FBA Coaching


Everyone has a learning style, and there are many coaching options that suit different students. As for FBA coaching, there are 3 main types of coaches to choose from:


One-on-One Mentorship


A private Amazon FBA coach will invest time on your business alone. They’ll take a deep look at your operations, and find opportunities that work best for you. It’s a costly option, but also more personal.


Group Mastermind


This is best for sellers that already understand Amazon FBA. It’s about exchanging ideas with other FBA brands, so you can devise new growth strategies.

Such groups can offer unique perks, like AMAs, weekly calls, and exclusive resources for sellers. Thus, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge about how other brands found success on Amazon.


Amazon FBA Course


Courses are accessible and widespread. It may take a while to find the best one for your needs, but there’s no shortage of options. Also, Amazon FBA courses are not time-sensitive. You can complete it at your own leisure, and come back to the lessons at any time.


How Much Does an Amazon FBA Coach make?


This is a tricky question. We can’t really offer a fixed Amazon FBA coach salary, because it all depends on the mentor.

One-on-one mentors may charge a monthly fee of $200-$500. In contrast, some may charge over $1,000, plus a small percentage of your sales, like Amazon itself.

The same applies to Amazon FBA courses and group masterminds. However, courses usually offer a fixed rate, which you can pay in monthly installments. This makes them a more accessible option to sellers.

Also, you can find some great resources for free, such as seller forums. In the end, it’s all about reviewing all options to make the best decision for yourself. To do so, make sure you consider the following:

  • Uproot snake oil salesmen. Contact other sellers and ask for their experience with an Amazon FBA coach. This way, you’ll know who to trust even before you begin a mentorship.
  • Verify all statements. Mentors should back up their expertise. Try to find some data that supports the claims they make.
  • Double check constantly. Do not take a coaches’ insights at face value. Find second opinions to back up all data. It’ll save you a few bumps along the road.
  • Protect your investment. See if a mentor offers some free resources that can help you make an informed decision. Also, check if there’s a money-back guarantee.


Final Thoughts


As of May 2022, over 2 million sellers are taking advantage of Amazon FBA. This is still a lot of brands to stand out from.

Here’s where an Amazon FBA coach may offer an edge. All it takes is a bit of research to find the right coach for you.

Investigate several options before making a commitment. Also, contact some past customers and ask about their overall satisfaction.

We hope this information helps you find the right Amazon FBA coach, or the best Amazon FBA course. Then, you’ll be set to unlock your full potential in the marketplace.



Esteban-MuñozEsteban Muñoz is a content writer at AMZ Advisers, with several years’ experience in digital marketing and e-commerce. Esteban and the AMZ Advisers team have been able to achieve incredible growth on Amazon for their clients by optimizing and managing their accounts, and creating in-depth content marketing strategies.

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