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You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. This motto applies to all things in life, but in particular to business. We prepared a list with 3 of the best programs and tools that will help you create a successful Amazon marketing strategy for 2022.

Marketing trends are constantly changing and, as an online seller, you’re left with no other choice but to adapt to the rapidly-evolving eCommerce landscape. Many businesses feel threatened by this, and understandably so!

We are living in an era where technology and society are evolving faster than businesses can naturally adjust: Digital Darwinism.

Amazon’s success is directly tied to having targeted customer needs and wants throughout the years. The eCommerce giant has adapted its business model accordingly to remain number 1. And although it might seem like it was a stroke of luck–it didn’t happen overnight.

So, you can rest assured that your efforts will yield good results.

Fortunately, over the years, the eCommerce giant has developed a wide variety of advertising tools, strategies, and resources to make your brand-positioning on the platform as straightforward as possible.

These Amazon marketing strategies will help your business rise above the competition in 2022.


Step #1: Improve Your Customer Experience with FBA


Some Amazon shoppers may take the “The customer’s always right” motto to a whole different level. And many companies see it as an expression of customer loyalty.

Despite all this, Amazon has established a list of policies to regulate consumer demands. And to guarantee the best experience for both sellers and customers.

Since the delivery experience is one of the most critical aspects of a purchase, you need to make sure to provide your customers with the best service possible to:

  • Maintain your seller performance,
  • Build your brand loyalty, and
  • Prevent not-so-pleasant customer feedback.

Although it’s in Amazon’s best interest to provide an excellent delivery experience for ALL of its customers, there are some differences between the service levels Amazon can guarantee with FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant).

Keep in mind that with FBM, sellers fulfill customer orders themselves. This program allows you to be in control of the entire selling process. However, as a new seller, you might want to consider FBA as your fulfillment option to avoid unpleasant delivery experiences. Which most likely, they will end up becoming bad customer reviews.

On the other hand, with FBA your items arrive on or before the promised delivery time. If any issues arise, Amazon’s top-rated customer service staff is standing by 24/7 to support all FBA orders.

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Here’s why FBA is the best fulfillment option for your 2022 Amazon marketing strategy:


  • Products fulfilled by Amazon are eligible for Amazon Prime Free Two-Day Shipping and free shipping on qualifying orders.
  • When Amazon customers search for products, they often filter by Prime and FREE Shipping offers.
  • FBA sellers can quickly attain Buy Box eligible status, which gives them placement advantages for their listings on 
  • Their listings are eligible to compete for the Buy Box, or for placement in the More Buying Choices box.
  • Customers who purchase FBA products will also be able to take advantage of Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery. This gives them the option of receiving their products the following day. 
  • Products fulfilled by Amazon are assumed to have free shipping; so, they will appear above, competing for merchant-fulfilled offers with the same sales price.  
  • Products fulfilled by Amazon may also be placed in the Amazon Add-on Program. This program allows customers to combine products that would be cost-prohibitive to ship on their own and get free shipping.
  • These products ship with qualifying orders over $25. ASINs that meet Add-on Program criteria are automatically placed in the program.

Source: Amazon


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Step #2: Apply for the Amazon Launchpad Program


Amazon is aware of how hard it can be for small businesses to make a name for themselves on the platform.

This is why, in early 2019, Amazon Launchpad, a full-service program that supports entrepreneurs and startup companies that sell and deliver innovative products to millions of Amazon customers, joined forces with Amazon Brand Incubator (ABI).

This partnership aims to help companies maximize their success on the platform and provide enhanced best-in-class services in:

  • Onboarding support,
  • Marketing consultations,
  • Unique marketing options,
  • Global expansion opportunities, and
  • Proactive brand protection

If your business is eligible for the Amazon Launchpad program, 5% will be added to the Referral Fees described on the Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.

However, if during your participation in the program your trailing 12-month gross sales exceed $1 million, Amazon may lower your 5% premium to 3%, beginning the following month.

Keep in mind that a 6-month minimum commitment is required from the date of acceptance into AL. You can cancel your participation in the program after 6 months by providing a 30-day written notice and submitting an Exit survey.

Find out if you are AL-eligible here.


Step #3: Create Comprehensive and Appealing Product Detail Pages with These Advertising Tools


Currently, Amazon offers a vast array of advertising tools to meet both sellers’ business capabilities and customers’ needs.

These are some of the tools you can use to be on top of your marketing game and improve your product detail page layout.

Amazon Product and Category Targeting – This tool allows you to analyze the traffic a listing is getting, and to target your ads to all relevant shoppers, for your Sponsored Ad campaigns, based on the following criteria:



Brands, or

Star rating

This will help you compare your products with the market and improve the quality of your pictures, product titles, and product descriptions.


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Amazon DSP – This a tool available to qualified/trusted agencies. When you choose an agency to manage your advertising campaigns on Amazon, this tool will enable them to reach exclusive Amazon customers at scale across different devices and formats through display and video ads that resonate with your audience. 

A + Content – Recently, Amazon replaced its Seller Central feature “Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)” with A+ Content Manager. This new tool, available on both Vendor Central and Seller Central to Professional sellers, allows you to modify your listings by adding rich content, a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements to your A+ Detail Pages. This tool can potentially drive more sales and conversion and help you reduce product returns.

As the saying goes, “an image is worth a thousand words,” – and bad advertising can make you lose tons of dollars.

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Closing Thoughts


Although creating a successful marketing strategy on Amazon can be a daunting and overwhelming task, keep in mind you can always use a helping hand.


Contact AMZ Advisers if you need help managing your Amazon Marketing Strategy for 2022. We have the best solution for your business capabilities.

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