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Over the years, Amazon has released many free tools for enrolled sellers. The Amazon Seller App is one of the most popular examples.

This is Amazon’s free mobile app, powered for Android and iOS devices. But it’s not just an on-the-go, monitoring dashboard.

The Amazon Seller app features many tools that will help you manage your Amazon store. And the best part is you can do so remotely. 

In today’s quick guide, we’ll review the ins and outs of the Amazon Seller App. Let’s dive in and find out how it works, and if it’s a good fit for your store.


What is the Amazon Seller App?


Think of the seller app as your on-the-go Amazon account. It’s designed to let you manage your Amazon store, right from your smartphone.

Here are a few of the things you can do using the Amazon Seller app:

  • Research new products to sell on Amazon.
  • Create new product listings.
  • Analyze and track sales.
  • Manage sales, storage, deliveries and returns.
  • Respond to customer queries.
  • Manage international sales.

All Amazon sellers can access the seller app for free. You can download from Google Play or the Apple Store.

From then on, log in to the app and set up your details. Once the sync is complete, you’ll be able to manage your seller account remotely.


How Does the Amazon Seller App Work?


The Amazon seller app scanner allows you to search for new items you’re interested in selling. You can also find new opportunities using image matching, or simple text searches.

Each new product search will deliver the following results:

  • The item’s selling price.
  • Your estimated profit margin.
  • The product’s rank on Amazon.
  • A list of merchants who sell the product.

From here on, use the profit calculator to compare the product with similar listings. You can check features, details and reviews to make an informed decision.

Merchants can also consult the built-in profit calculator. With this tool, you can input your buying costs to get a more accurate profit estimate.


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Amazon Seller App Features


Let’s take a deeper look at all the perks included in the Amazon Seller app.


Create and Update Product Listings


Use the seller app to upload or update new product listings or catalogs. This includes submitting titles and descriptions.

You can also take full advantage of the Photo Studio. This is a built-in image editor to tweak item images before uploading a new listing.

The app’s photo studio also reviews every picture before uploading. This helps sellers ensure they meet Amazon’s image requirements.

Merchants can also manage item’s pricing. The app showcases product-level cost details, which you can change or update in real time.


Order Fulfillment


Brands can set up the Amazon Seller app to notify them on every new sale. From then on, you can review each order’s status and updates.

In short, you can track every sales process. That includes payment, fulfillment and delivery.

The app is also set up to manage returns from customers. You can authorize every return request and issue refunds from your phone.

You can also set up the app to get notifications on recent customer queries.

The app has access to a Seller Feedback Manager, which lets you handle customer replies and feedback on the go.


Sales Analysis


The seller app allows you to keep track of your sales performance over time. For example, you can review your top-selling offers, and check each product’s performance on Amazon.

Merchants can also review charts to track your item sales by specific time frames.  This is quite useful to keep an eye on your overall sales growth.


Inventory Management


The Amazon Seller app offers access inventory details. Sellers can review inventory analytics to review their stock’s health.

You can also request quantity changes, resupply stock, and track fulfillment to the warehouse.


Promotion Management


Amazon seller app features a Deals dashboard. Here, you can set up and track ongoing product offers, such as 7-Day deals or Lightning Deals.

The app also monitors your current sponsored campaigns on Amazon. You can review and update bids, ad spend, cost-per click rate, keywords, and more. 


Account Health & Support


You can review your Amazon accounts key metrics from the seller app. For example:

  • Order Defect Rate
  • Valid Tracking Rate
  • On-Time Delivery Rate
  • Late Shipment Rate
  • Cancellation Rate

The seller app will also keep you posted of your compliance with Amazon’s policies. Plus, you can also review your upcoming Amazon payment balance.

In case there’s a problem with your account, the app can also connect you with Amazon’s seller support to address the issue.


Amazon Seller App Scanner Alternatives


We’ve seen the advantages of the Amazon Seller App. However, the tool does come with some drawbacks:

  • The app does not account for custom fees or taxes. You’ll only get a profit estimate on new products you plan to sell.
  • You can only review the lowest price for new items. This could deliver unrealistic expectations, especially when not considering discount prices.
  • It lacks integration features with tools like Keepa. So, it may be difficult to match pricing history or trends.

But merchants are not bound to the seller app. In fact, we recommend that you complement this tool with an extra scanning app for Amazon.

Here are four of the best Amazon seller scanning apps available:


Scoutify 2


Image source: Apps.Apple


This is perhaps the most popular Amazon seller scanning app.

Scoutify 2 comes with similar features as the Amazon seller app. But it also offers a few unique perks:

  • Displays pricing for new, used, and FBA products. It also highlights an item’s condition.
  • Sets up ROI and performance standards. You’ll get more accurate target costs, which benefit your profit margins.
  • Third-party app integration, such as Keepa, to review pricing history and rank.
  • Highlight oversized items, so sellers may consider extra storage and fulfillment fees.
  • Bluetooth scanner, which bypasses the phone’s camera to speed things up.
  • Sales tax inclusion when you calculate estimated fees.

The app offers a 30-free trial for new users. From then on, Scoutify 2 charges $49 per month, or $480 per year.


Profit Bandit


Image Source: Seller Engine


It’s a low-cost app, which makes it a great compliment for new sellers. But the great perks of Profit Bandit are the following:

  • The app can research new items in real time. You’ll have the most current data on new products.
  • Displays which products have the Amazon Buy Box. This means you’ll have a unique view of the most successful items in the marketplace.
  • It showcases whether a product would compete against Amazon.

Profit Bandit offers 20 free scans for testing. The sign-up cost is $9.99 per month.




This app includes very unique features, not found in similar apps.

ScanPower features six built-in tools for Amazon sellers:  

  • Mobile and Scout. Search products by keywords, ASIN or UPC. The app then displays Amazon’s products live pricing data. Mobile displays results on your phone, while Scout is designed for desktop browsers.
  • List. Create Amazon product listings from your smartphone. You can also set up and print the shipping label.
  • Boxt. Design and print a 2D barcode of your box contents.
  • Evaluate. Calculates the net payout for individual products. It’s great to separate the high-profit products from similar offers.
  • Report. Break down your inventory metrics. This includes taxes, shipping, FBA fees, and more. It also tracks your ROI, and costs of goods sold.

Image source: ScanPower


ScanPower also features a free 30-day test period, and 3 pricing tiers:

  • Basic. Access for 2 users, at $49 per month.
  • Pro. You get 4 accounts at $99 per month.
  • Enterprise.  $199 monthly fee, for unlimited users.




Scoulty evolved out of FBAScan. One of the major benefits of this app is its local database and live search modes.

The local database mode can pull data from the US, Canada and the UK. It’s not as accurate as the live option, but it’s quite handy when you don’t have a strong internet connection.

With Scoulty, you can also set up profit triggers.

In other words, the app analyzes each product, and only shows you the most profitable offers, based on your specifications.


Image source: AsellerTool


This app features 2 options for sellers. The lite plan Includes unlimited searches, listing software and online arbitrage. The pro plan adds database search to the package.

Here are the pricings for each option:

  Scoulty Lite Scoulty Pro
Monthly fee $9.95 $35
6-month fee $54 $190
Annual fee $100 $350


Final Thoughts


You can’t succeed on Amazon by staying in one place. Sellers need to move around to find products, sit at meetings, and manage storage facilities.

So, why not carry your Amazon store with you? You’ll be able to check in at all times, and make business improvements in real-time.

That’s why tools like the Amazon Seller App can help you run a successful store, anywhere in the world.




Esteban Muñoz is an SEO copywriter at AMZ Advisers, with several years’ experience in digital marketing and e-commerce. Esteban and the AMZ Advisers team have been able to achieve incredible growth on the Amazon platform for their clients by optimizing and managing their accounts and creating in-depth content marketing strategies.


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