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Keeping up with Amazon trends should be a must for any seller. That’s how you can beat competitors and earn your place at the top.

But it’s not only about choosing the best products to sell. It’s about using cutting-edge tricks and tools to stay ahead.

Lucky for us, Amazon also wants its sellers to find success. Thus, the best trends are not that hard to find. That’s why we compiled them here, for your benefit.

Today, we look at the key Amazon trends that will influence the marketplace in the near future. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.


Why Follow Amazon trends?


Trends allow sellers to know how the market flows in a given time. They also indicate shifts in consumer preferences, rising niches, and more.

For example, Amazon registers a demand surge for specific items in early March. These are office supplies, household items, and personal care products.

The COVID-19 pandemic also created new Amazon trends. Users required more health-related products than ever. There was also a demand for video games, electronics, and Prime services. Plus, customers expected faster delivery rates than ever before.

In consequence, Amazon trends can suggest which are the best products to sell around that time. They can also help you keep adequate stock levels, depending on the season.

Market trends can also redirect your marketing strategy to delight a profitable niche. And with almost 2 million active Amazon sellers, being ahead of the curve can only benefit your sales.


How to Find Amazon Trends


The best products help users solve a specific need in their lives. But that’s not all it takes to find great industry trends.

It all boils down to product research. It’s not glamorous, but it is necessary. Plus, there are many tools and tricks you can use to do a successful search.


Amazon seller forums


Join online communities focused on improving your experience on Amazon. These forums offer first-hand insights on Amazon services, listing management, and industry trends. Seller forums offer a unique site to research what works best to succeed on Amazon.


Google Analytics


Google’s tools can help you know your audience. Analytics can review who visits your product links. The software can show you key insights like age, demographics, gender, and preferences.

Another great tool is Google Trends. Here, you can find good opportunities by territory, product type, industry, market niche, and more.


Amazon Competitor Analysis


As the old saying goes, know your enemy. Here’s where an Amazon competitor analysis can help you out. This is about analyzing competing brands to find what they are doing right.

This process is about finding the best opportunities to drive sales and performance. Because when you understand your competitors, you’ll know the best ways to outsell them.


Social Media Insights


Try to follow audience insights with Facebook. This tool offers data with users’ ages, locations, buying preferences, and more. Plus, it’s a tool you can use to inform your strategy across different stores. For example, eBay and Amazon, or even Shopify.


Popping Topics by SmartScout


Think of this tool as an Amazon Trend compass. Popping Topics by SmartScout displays the top 100 search phrases on Amazon across all categories or within individual categories. You can also track the popularity of specific keywords to find profitable niches or target new audiences.

You can view this information in two ways:

  • Graphical View –  Shows a line graph representing the rise and fall of any search phrase
  • Grid View – Displays the top 100 searches in a table along with their corresponding data, such as estimated searches and increase in search over the past six months. 

You can start a 7-day trial to try Try Popping Topics for free. 


Product Opportunity Explorer


Here’s another interesting Amazon service: Opportunity Explorer. This tool collects keywords to define the most profitable market niches. It’s a great tool to find gaps to tap in, and fulfill an unmet product demand.


Amazon Trend Report


Check out Amazon’s very own analysis on what is trending in the marketplace. Now, the Amazon Trend Report is not as detailed as one might wish. However, it still offers great insights about what’s happening on Amazon. 


How to Keep Up with Amazon Trends


A good rule of thumb is to review which products are already selling well on Amazon. You can start by browsing the Amazon Best Seller page.

The marketplace updates this site with the post popular sales. It also breaks offers down by category. This way, you can find the best-selling products in a specific niche.

But don’t put all your cards here. High-selling items are also very competitive. Plus, the sales trend could decline at any time. So, what else can you consider when searching for Amazon trends?

Here are a few keys that can help you find the most profitable Amazon products:

  • Consistent demand. Go for products that sell constantly, throughout the year. This can protect you against seasonal fluctuations in your sales.
  • High-profit margin. Price your offers according to their value and to user’s expectations. But also consider storage, shipping, and packing fees, among other expenses. If the product is profitable after such costs, you’re on the right track.
  • Simplified logistics. It’s a good idea to choose items that are light, easy, and fast to pack and ship. This will both increase your delivery rate and customer satisfaction.
  • Growth potential. Choose products that offer room for optimization. Check reviews and competing items, to see how to improve a specific offer. This will help you drive innovation and keep users interested in your catalog.
  • Longevity. This involves manufacturing and quality control. The goal is to offer products that last long, and are easy to store. You’ll save customers time and money, which will boost delight. Plus, it will also help reduce product returns.

It’s also a good idea to rely on history and consistency. For example: personal care, fitness, and games perform quite well. So do books, pet supplies, and accessories for electronics.


Looking Ahead


Finding the right product, and then marketing to the right niche, will help kickstart your sales with a bang.

But to take things further, you need to keep up with Amazon trends. The previous tips can help you do so, but the rest is up to you. 

With a bit of work, you’ll have no problem meeting your goals. And in time, you’ll drive your Amazon business to the top.

Best of luck!



Esteban-MuñozEsteban Muñoz is a content writer at AMZ Advisers, with several years’ experience in digital marketing and e-commerce. Esteban and the AMZ Advisers team have been able to achieve incredible growth on Amazon for their clients by optimizing and managing their accounts, and creating in-depth content marketing strategies.


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