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The 2022 big selling events are just around the corner! End-of-the-year holidays rank among the best times to sell products online. 

With each date comes an opportunity to engage with new buyers and seasonal shoppers. More so, you can reach niche audiences looking for holiday-specific items! 

In short, the end of 2022 is not a time to slow down your selling strategy. Rather, it’s the best moment to make a windlfall on Amazon.

That’s why we prepared this post for you! Here we list the top end-of-the-year Amazon selling events that brands should prepare for.


Holiday Selling Requirements


Before we move on, let’s review some holiday selling requirements for Amazon brands:

  • Update Your Amazon listings with holiday-related images and keywords. The goal is to attract users looking for gift ideas. So, make sure your SEO strategy is on par with the season.
  • Check your Amazon Inventory Manager. Make sure you have new items in stock, and remove any excess inventory that won’t sell during the holidays.
  • Make sure the new stock arrives at the Amazon warehouse on time. For example:
    • Black Friday and Cyber Monday products should be in stock before November 15.
    • Christmas items should be ready to ship by December 2.
  • Set Up new Amazon PPC ads that take advantage of each holiday date. Check out which ads made the most profit for you, and customize them for end-of-the-year sales.
  • Automate your advertising campaigns to save time and focus on customer engagement. 

It’s crucial that sellers follow these guidelines. By doing so, you’ll definitely make the most of your end-of-the-year sales.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the big Amazon selling events of November-December 2022!

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November Selling Events


The second-to-last month of the year kickstarts a wave of sales for Amazon sellers. We hope you’re ready for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Yes, those are the key selling events for November. But you should really start building momentum a few holidays before that weekend.


Singles’ Day 2022 – November 11


This holiday celebrates those who are not in a relationship. Over the years, Singles’ Day has become almost as big as Black Friday for sellers.

It’s Alibaba that started this trend. Back in 2009, the retail giant used the holiday as a 24-hour selling event.

Now, Singles’ Day is now one of the largest shopping days of the year. Back in November 2021, and Alibaba made $139 billion in sales during Singles’ Day.


Thanksgiving – November 24


Here begins the top sales weekend of 2022! Thanksgiving kickstarts the biggest selling events of the year.

This holiday marks the perfect time to engage with customers before Black Friday.  You can start an email marketing campaign to share coupons and discount codes.

With such a strategy, your followers will be ready for what comes the next day. 


Black Friday 2022 – November 25


It’s safe to call Black Friday the Super Bowl of retail sales. The busiest shopping day has a history of attracting customers with high discounts.

In fact, some merchants hold unique offers until Cyber Monday. To make it so, they keep ample stock ready for shipping.

During Amazon Black Friday 2022, FBA sellers have a slight advantage over competitors. When using this selling model, Amazon takes care of the heavy-lifting.

That means FBA brands only need to worry about having a full inventory, and attractive promotions!


Small Business Saturday 2022 – November 26


Small Business Saturday is a time to celebrate brick and mortar stores. The holiday goes back to 2010. It was set up by American Express to ecourage people to buy from small brands.

Also, they may not have the facilities offered by FBA. But many do work with Amazon FBM, which has some enviable perks.

So, local sellers may not have the capabilities of big brands. But what they lack in size, they make up for in quality control and customer experience.


Cyber Monday 2022 – November 28


Black Friday includes both retail and eCommerce sales. But Cyber Monday favors the latter category.

Amazon Cyber Monday 2022 is a perfect time to carry on with black Friday promos. You can even set up new discounts or coupons to attract repeating customers.

The holiday broke out in 2005. Since then, it’s become one of the biggest selling days of the year. In fact, Cyber Monday 2020 generated $10.7 billion in online sales!


December Selling Events


This is the quintessential holiday month. There’s no better time for customers to buy than Christmas. But there are a few other dates you can make the most of.

Make sure you have a full inventory. Also, prepare a few coupons, ads and discounts to drive sales during December’s big holidays.


Green Monday 2022 – December 12


Green Monday is December’s counterpart to Cyber Monday. It became big in 2007, when eBay highlighted their best sales day of the month.

According to OfficeCrave, Green Monday is the last day when customers can order a product that will arrive in time for Christmas.

This is a great time to reach those late consumers looking for the best holiday deals.


Super Saturday 2022 – December 17


You may also know it as Panic Saturday. It marks the end of the holiday shopping season. It’s also the time to cater to last-minute customer sales.

Actually, some customers wait to buy until Super Saturday. This is because many brands offer better discounts. In return, sellers can increase their conversion rates.

This makes Super Saturday the best moment for one-day discounts, like Amazon Lightning Deals. Such offers provide users with a chance to buy discounted products for a limited time. 


Hanukkah – December 18-26


This ancient festival is a time of unity and friendship. As such, many consumers look to buy gifts for their loved ones.

One great thing about Hanukkah is that it lasts from December 18th to the 26th. Sellers get over a week to engage with users, and offer unique deals.

Try to create some Sponsored Campaigns to attract buyers looking for the perfect Hanukkah gift!


Christmas Eve & Christmas – December 24-25


Here’s the heart of the holiday shopping season! Granted, most people may buy their gifts before this date. But late shoppers may also look for great deals on this day.

As a seller, the best strategy for Christmas sales is to offer Amazon Prime Deals. This way, you can fulfill one-day deliveries, at no cost for customers.

To speed things up, you can also engage with followers via email, offering discounts and same-day shipping. 


Kwanzaa – December 26-January 1


Time to celebrate African American culture! Just like Hanukkah, Kwanzaa offers a chance to drive sales for a whole week.

It’s a great time to promote holiday related gifts. Plus, Kwanzaa offers a unique opportunity to engage with niche audiences. That’s an opportunity to gain new followers to engage with in 2023. 


New Year’s Eve – December 31


Why not start 2023 with a bang? That’s what New Year’s Eve Shopping it’s all about!

This is a great moment to offer party supplies, so consumers can welcome 2023 with their friends and families.

Users can also try to buy a loved one something to help them fulfill their New Year’s resolution. 


Final Thoughts


Brands should be extra ready to make the most of this time of the year. So, save the dates and start planning your Amazon marketing strategies.

You can always check our blog for more useful resources. Also, we’re always ready to hear from you, in case you need any help setting up a solid sales strategy.

Make sure to contact us, so we can set up the best Amazon business possible for you.

It’s all about anticipation. That’s what’ll help you make the most of the 2022 end-of-the-year selling events.

Best of luck!



AMZ Advisers Content Team

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